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2012 Subaru Legacy and Outback: Spring cleaning!

2012 Subaru Legacy

The Legacy, it is the car unfairly overlooked by excellence. Incredible road capacity, a superb mechanical refinement, a high quality and person knows! For 2012, Subaru has a subtle facelift 2012 Subaru Legacy and 2012 Subaru Outback. In the least, as a first step, across the Atlantic!

No major upheavals (this is rarely the case when a facelift), but few well-chosen aesthetic touches! Thus, the front takes advantage of new headlights, a new grille and a new bumper. At the rear, the bumper was also modified. Little in amount, but nevertheless manages to pinpoint the differences. That’s a start!

The 2012 Subaru Legacy starts at the time of day with a new stereo with a Bluetooth and USB. The screen infotainment system has also been modified. And then there’s the security arsenal evolving, with new facilities already seen competing on the Legacy: namely, the crossing warning of unintended white line, the emergency brake assist and the regulator active speed (which adjusts the speed depending on which one of the preceding vehicle).

Here it is difficult to comment because the news reports on changes to engines reserved for the U.S. market. Namely, a 4-cylinder boxer and a 2.5 l 6 cylinder (boxer ever) of 3.6 s. Their powers are rising while the manufacturer claims to lower consumption. Of course, all-wheel drive is still standard, but it accompanies the revised suspension for conduct more efficient and more comfortable.

2012 Subaru Legacy and 2012 Subaru Outback

2012 Subaru Outback

2012 Subaru Legacy and Outback: Spring cleaning!


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