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2012 Toyota Prius III Confirms Advance

Toyota Prius III in a light restyle. An opportunity to see that it remains the most successful affordable hybrids

Toyota Prius III in a light restyle. An opportunity to see that it remains the most successful affordable hybrids.

The Toyota Prius hybrid has passed the Cape of the million copies sold in 2008, after eleven years of career. Then it took only two years to cross the two million. Meanwhile, it is assumed (sustainable it seems) head of sales of passenger cars in the Japan.

Needless to say, the Prius has contributed greatly to the image of the Japanese greens, more inclined to communicate its hybrid than its other specialty, all-terrain vehicles, a little less in tune with the times. A strategy that pays off, since Toyota sold in ten in the world today is a hybrid. In France, it also sells more Prius (2429 copies sold in 2011) that the Land Cruiser (2179 units sold in 2011). As for the Auris HSD, twin Technical discrete Prius, rallying more votes than the latter, with more than 4,500 units sold in France last year.

In a word in ten, Prius hybrid has become synonymous in the public mind. The other two manufacturers offering models with dual drive less € 50,000 than Honda and PSA, only dream of worldwide success.

Toyota Prius III in a light restyle. An opportunity to see that it remains the most successful affordable hybrids

Such popularity cannot be explained solely by virtue of successful communication. Unlike the Honda Insight and CR-Z, the Toyota Prius can indeed evolve through sheer force of electricity. As for diesel hybrid PSA signed, just sold, they claim a high-end status, with a rate accordingly, which limits the diffusion. Well established in the market and combining all the advantages of the hybrid, the Toyota Prius has a head start.

In good Toyota Prius makes a point of honor not to create any concern you during everyday use. Mean by that it shows absolutely soothing to drive for an amateur mechanic but it will convince the vast majority of consumers who see the automobile as a simple means of travel. Silence of electric propulsion, the sweetness of continuously variable transmission, impressive maneuverability for a model of this length (4.48 m), real recovery capability when you put the foot in. These arguments will fly with the good father.

Beyond these qualities, shared much of family compact, the Toyota Prius is distinguished by the total transparency of its hybrid system. Here, not at once as opposed to those bombarded of hybrids PSA and automated manual box. As for the sound, it appears that more careful at Honda.

Better: the electric motor does not just run at low speed. The display center is witness: even on the motorway, the exchanges between electric motor, engine and battery are constant, making the most of opportunities in the hybrid system. Toyota drives the point from the PSA system that just works like a standard diesel version almost beyond 70 km/h. The benefit of the experience? Anyway, this translates directly into consumption figures.

Indeed, after our testing of over 700 km, which included city, road and highway equally, we found an average of 5.0 l/100 km. With few extremes, like a short ride in congested city in the cool of morning, when the engine remained switched on almost any length to make good the catalyst temperature and batteries. Penalty: 7.6 l/100 km.

Toyota Prius III in a light restyle. An opportunity to see that it remains the most successful affordable hybrids

Conversely, we managed to down to 4.1 l/100 km after twenty kilometers of highway, ending with a descent. Topography that has fully recharge the battery to allow us to make the end of the journey into town using only the electric mode or almost! More generally, calculations should be based on consumption at around 4.5 l/100 km city (fried), ranging from 4.5 l/100 km and 5.5 l/100 km highway while Prius will claim 5.9 l/100 km highway. Values ​​comparable to those of a compact diesel equivalent power, except in cities where the Prius takes the advantage.

The economic equation holds up when signing the order form. Sold € 28,000 in basic finishing Dynamic (or € 26,000 once the environmental bonus deducted), the Prius is exactly opposite to a Volkswagen Golf TDI 140 Comfortline DSG6, proposed to € 27,120. The Japanese sensor compensates for the lack of rain and light, standard on the German, by the presence of a reversing camera, the head-up display and keyless start.

2012 Toyota Prius III Confirms Advance


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