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2013 BMW 135iS Series For The US Market

BMW 135iS Series

2013 BMW 135iS Coupe and the Convertible of the older generation. But for the United States exclusively only. Meanwhile the series 1 M Coupe with totally passed its production, and despite the arrival of the new generation of series 1,

The new “A” just appear in M135i, BMW added a more powerful version to the Coupe and the convertible based on the older generation. What the demand in the United States, where the 3 and 5 doors will be proposed. And meet the crossing those who have not received 1 series M Coupe.

This 135iS comes interspersed between a 135i and a M135i with 320 HP and 430 Nm from 6 cylinders in line supercharged 3,0L. Manual 6 reports or double-clutch 7 reports in the program, and a finish outer with black elements lacquered, 18-inch rims, and a few touches of aluminum on board.

In the BMW genealogy, the suffix is worn by sporting derivatives sometimes very exclusive. To finish their careers, the Coupe and Cabriolet 1 Series are entitled to the United States to their BMW 135iS variant equipped with the latest evolution of the V6 biturbo gasoline.

The BMW E30 3 Series inaugurated in the 1980s, named “iS”. The most common of them was the equipped with a 136-4-cylinder 318iS C. More rare of the BMW 320iS, equipped with the engine of the M3 deflated to 192 ch was marketed for Italian and Portuguese. Finally, the 325is, marketed in France was an enswathed of options to the 325.

Later, the 3 Series E36 made the same use of this name on the 318, 320 and 325. Since then, it has fallen into disuse, except on the US market, or the famous suffix reappeared year last in the 3 series range. The Coupe and convertible were indeed right there in their version is equipped with 6 cylinder bi-turbo to 320 c.

The 1 series Coupe and convertible are entitled to the same treatment. It indeed receive this engine with a few cosmetic and technical changes. Include a new differential, a sport exhaust, 18-inch rims, a grid of black coated grille and stitching black leather seats.

Available in Coupe and Convertible version, the BMW 135iS will be likely reserved for North American markets only.

2013 BMW 135iS Series For The US Market


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