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2013 Jeep Compass Finale The Right Engine

2013 Jeep Compass Finale The Right Engine

2013 Jeep Compass treats its look and the quality of its materials when the old 2.0 TDI VW Injector-Pump became a ball. It is replaced by a much more pleasant Mercedes block.

Jeep turns 70, and the times have changed. In July 1940, the U.S. Army launched a tender to replace the motorcycles and the Ford altered T that it used previously as “lightweight reconnaissance vehicle”. Three companies were in the blasted: Willys Overland, American Bantam and Ford. After testing various prototypes, the choice came on Willys. It was the beginning of Jeep. A name “GP” for “General Purpose” letter or character of a comic strip of Popeye “Eugene the Jeep. In any event, the Jeep became an icon and embodies, even at the present time, all 4 x 4 vehicles in the eyes of the general public.

But over time, the brand (which today belongs to Fiat) had evolve to adapt to modern times. It was born the first Jeep Compass, in 2006. It was the Jeep of the cities, cousin of the Dodge Caliber, and a more feminine clientele and had not really off-road ambitions.

With its 2.0 TDI Volkswagen engine, was also the first Jeep in history to fall below the 7 l / 100 km (6.8 l / 100 km exactly). But vibration and the sound of the engine, and the poor quality of finishing, would pose serious problems to the constructor.

Great effort
Today, 5 years later, Jeep offers a serious treatment of youth to the smallest of its models. Aesthetically, first, the front resembles it is mistaken to the new Grand Cherokee. Finished optics round and a little clumsy. Now, the bow is charismatic. The grille and the hood are also new, and the whole is rather successful. The changes are much less noticeable on the back, even if the tailgate has been redesigned and the lights are LEDs. One of the main criticisms made to the older generation was the quality of finishing, and more specifically plastics. The effort at this level is noticeable, with materials more flexible and more rewarding. However, there is still no law to a depth adjustable steering wheel!

Thanks to Mercedes
But it is on the road that this new Jeep Compass has the most surprised. First, it is now available in version traction, which is very well since almost none of its users is the 4 x 4. And two-wheel drive, it’s less weight to carry. The suspensions have been seriously reworked, and fund movements are significantly less present than in the past. More consistent management gives a better feeling of the road. In short, the dynamic array would be almost perfect if the brake pedal was not as rubbery and little biting. Attention therefore to not to be surprise, because under the hood, it moved. There is an engine 2.2L of original Mercedes, legacy of the previous marriage of Jeep with the mark to the star. The next generation of 2013 Jeep Compass, the right to Fiat engines.

It grows!
In the meantime, this engine is like a glove on this ‘small’ Jeep. It is available in two versions: 136 or 163 horses. We have tried the more powerful and to write the least, it is grows really hard. 320 Nm torque is available as early as 1,400 rpm. silent and almost free of vibration, it has lot of punch on all the reports of the six box and gives a real pleasure of driving. Cherry on the cake, its average consumption does not exceed 6.1 l / 100 km and 172 g CO2/km. Note that the Compass is available in Jeep Compass Limited Edition 70th anniversary with 18-inch wheels, seats and steering wheel leather, 70th anniversary logos and specific floor mats. Price: $35,000.

2013 Jeep Compass Finale The Right Engine


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