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A Diesel That Smaller Than A Bike Engine

A Diesel That Smaller Than A Bike Engine

The Volkswagen, when engineers are told to cut the size of an engine in two, they do not take this lightly.

When the direction of Volks asked a small two-cylinder diesel engine in the urban subcompact Up! He said that he wanted something two times smaller than the four-cylinder engine 1.6 l TDI omnipresent in the Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Polo, Audi A3 models, etc.

Kein problem, Herr Direktor! (No Problem Sir!)” surely responded engineers who have tinkered a TDI with only two cylinders. The rest of the engine is the same. As a result, no big investment in development, no need to reinvent the wheel and not need training for mechanics dealers, no big change on the Assembly line.

The two clean – cylinder TDI will have 800 cc, 58 horses develop and can also be installed in the doors the five Polo eco version and, who knows, perhaps in small SUV Taigun for the South American market, Volks has shown recently at the Sao Paulo auto, at the Brazil show.

Interestingly, a version of this engine should animate the little experimental car aerodynamic and ultra-sobre, the XL1.

A Diesel That Smaller Than A Bike Engine


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