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Aston Martin DB 4 GT Sale For $ 5 Million

Aston Martin DB 4 GT Sale For $ 5 Million
Purity of due to Giugiaro for Bertone and single model account, that is enough to turn heads. images courtesy ©Aston Martin

The sale of Aston Martin Centennial, conducted by Bonhams, allowed to award € 3,249,500 a single Aston Martin DB4 GT designed by Bertone.

Increments of £ 100,000, auctions on the phone and in the room were there. It must be said that there was what set the fire in the heart of fans of the brand of Newport Pagnell, which is celebrated at this time the centenary. Among batches assembled by the Bonhams auction house this weekend, a single model is all covetousness, because it is probably the most amazing and one of the most indented Aston Martin’s history.

While the Aston Martin DB4 was entrusted to the Carrozzeria Touring in Milan, the latest model that was going out of channels in 1961 would be delivered to Bertone for a complete restyling. Thus was born the Bertone Jet which broke Saturday record for an Aston Martin rising to € 3,249,500 ( US $ 4,928,679).

Why this enthusiasm for this unique DB4 GT Cup 1960? In addition to the fact that automotive erected into a work of art is a safe haven, this DB4 contrasts totally with its congeners, the GT’s road or even the extraordinary Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato at the highlight destination.

Aston Martin DB 4 GT Sale For $ 5 Million
Aston Martin Centennial, conducted by Bonhams, allowed to award € 3,249,500 a single DB4 GT designed by Bertone. images courtesy ©Aston Martin

Equipped with aluminum body that they are worth the term of Superleggera, they ridicule this Jet made on special order from the factory by Bertone… good old steel. But if it is 200 kg heavier, it strut, because it is unique and its vocation is clearly much more touring than sporty. Above all, its softer and tapered, lines illuminated by a large glazing, are due to a very young designer of 22 years who was going to talk later.

Its designer is none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro, one of the major designers of the 20th century that would create some of the most memorable models of the Italian coachbuilder before joining the Carrozzeria Ghia. At the time when he left Ghia to found in 1968 Italdesign, Giugiaro has spawned as sublime as the Maserati Ghibli or the De Tomaso Mangusta creations. Its Jet Aston Martin, in the struggle between England to the Italy, is exposed in 1961 to Geneva, then to the Turin show, competing with a rival of size Jaguar E.

Originally light green contrasting with a grey Interior, the “Jet” has known a chaotic journey, passing a long time on the side of Beirut then shipped to the United States and forgotten. Found by president of Aston Martin, Victor Gauntlett, in the 1980s, he was returned to the factory for a complete restoration. Kingsley Riding-Felce, Director general Aston Martin Works, remembers: the car was in a pretty sad state.

Aston Martin DB 4 GT Sale For $ 5 Million
Aston Martin DB 4 GT Sale For $ 5 Million. images courtesy ©Aston Martin

It had suffered an engine fire… The hood was severely burned and the rust was gripped steel body. Only doors and front decks and rear aluminum thresholds had stood up well. Everything else was steel and Bertone had designed all tooling, suggesting that he hoped a production implementation.”

The last owner, Hans – Peter Weidmann, bought the Jet in 1986 Victor Gauntlett while the car underwent a total restoration at the State competition in Newport Pagnell. Resurfaced 25 years later after a succession, the car therefore ignited the auctioning of the centenary, with its numerous awards in the most prestigious international competitions, including “First in” Class at Pebble Beach and “Best in Show” at the Villa d’Este. Its owner, who had sold its Aston Martin to acquire it, has had one wish after her disappearance: “that one who inherits only the range not as a treasure but continues to live and share the pleasure of riding with the public”. For sure, this wish will be granted.

Aston Martin DB 4 GT Sale For $ 5 Million


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