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Audi Q3 Tuning by ABT

Audi Q3 Tuning by ABT. It’s not just MTM that will benefit the Geneva Motor Show to present its vision of the Audi Q3. ABT has also to consider the Rings crossover into a sporty version named QS3.

Audi Q3 Tuning

To believe that preparers have given the word to the annual meeting in Switzerland, because MTM and its preparation in the colors of Germany, it is another German tuner has decided to tackle the Audi Q3.

QS3 baptized, the vehicle prepared by ABT is distinguished by a new aerodynamic body kit that includes a redesigned front bumper incorporating a new grille. The rocker panels have also been revisited and the Germanic tuner offers a new rear diffuser model to appear leaving a massive quad tailpipes.

To finish the outside, the receiver’s crossover team wheels from his own teaching style to give a little more sporting vehicle. A set of stickers on the body completes the work of the German tuner.

ABT does not forget to give a little more power in Q3 and not to be jealous he has tackled a diesel block and a petrol engine. After modifications, the 2.0 TFSI gets the power of 270 horsepower while the 2.0 TDI reaches 205 horses.

ABT should disclose the price of its preparation for the Audi Q3 at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Audi Q3 Tuning

Audi Q3 Tuning by ABT


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