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Audi RS Q3 2013 New Concept

Audi RS Q3 2013 Concept

New Audi RS Q3 unveiled just one at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Audi Q3 goes at the speed greater than Beijing Motor Show. Called Audi RS Q3, it receives a five cylinder turbo high of 360c engine and becomes the most powerful compact recreational vehicle in the world!

Frankfurt Auto Show 1993, Audi unveils the RS2, a break by a five cylinder turbo high of 315 c engine almost twenty years later SR claw is the range of recreational vehicle.

Audi has done to cultivate the parallel with an Audi RS Q3 in blue livery Ordos color reminiscent of the dress of the Audi RS2, and an identical engine architecture in the form of block five-cylinder turbo 2.5 repeated of the Audi TT and issuing 360 c.

Forget any capacity out of bitumen, the Audi RS Q3 is only aimed at the road. Evidenced by its frame 25 mm, its 20-inch rims tyres-coated low-wide 255 mm and size ultra low (30).

The performance is in height with an exercise of the 0 to 100 km/h in 5.2 s and a top speed of 265 km/h.

The Audi RS Q3 is of course the transmission integral Audi A1 Quattro and a robotic double clutch S tronic gearbox with seven reports.

Exclusive, the RSQ3 is also on board with a Board of edge covered with leather and carbon inlays bluish on the steering wheel, dashboard and the doors.

Officially presented as a concept car, the Audi RS Q3 will integrate the Audi range. A way for the manufacturer to rings steal the spotlight at the Range Rover environment including the swift engine gasoline set a limit to 240 c.

Audi RS Q3 2013 New Concept


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