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Audi Will Develop A Minivan And A Scooter

Audi Will Develop A Minivan And A Scooter

With its goal of becoming the first manufacturer premium world in 2020, and thus to pass BMW, Audi continues to speak. And this time, it tells more about the way that the German automaker could adopt.

For the constructor on the rings, the solution to achieve its objective would be to expand sa range and conquering new segments. The first information comes from Autocar magazine, which reportedly discussed with the Chief of sales and marketing for Audi, Peter Schwarzenbauer. The latter stated that the mark would currently think about a minivan, or rather a minivan. But for Schwarzenbauer, a minivan is a boring style vehicle, and it would like to something more sports, a little like the Ford S-Max. It could witness the emergence of an Audi minivan, which mix the typical luxury of the constructor as well and the sports side. It should be able to carry 7 people.

The second information comes from the same source, and would involve a 2 wheels, developed by the German automaker. It is a very credible information, given the purchase of Ducati by Audi recently. The German manufacturer could develop a new urban mobility solution in cooperation with Ducati, its new division. Of after bus, it will be rather a scooter, as have done lately Smart. Most likely, it will be a Ducati, not a Ducati badge Audi.

The latter information would be a design study which would be in the cartons in Audi and which is called the Audi R9. It would be a mixture of many styles and models. What jumps to the eyes, it is the mixture between the Audi R8 Sports and concept Lamborghini Estoque. It known really little on this study, but it could be a new sport ultra performance sedan.

Audi has so beautiful projects, and can expect to see soon a new minivan and probably a two wheels. On the Audi R9, still look a little information of the German manufacturer. In any case, Audi part in the conquest of the first place in its own way.

Audi Will Develop A Minivan And A Scooter


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