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Detroit 2013: The Hyundai HCD-14 Concept

The Detroit Auto Show 2013 approach and ads of the various manufacturers continue to appear on screens. It is now the turn of Korean Hyundai we partially unveiled the concept that trônera on the stand next week. Known as Hyundai HCD – 14, seems to foreshadow a high range of type sedan coupe 4 doors. HCD – 14 has no significance (it is the 14th concept of the center of Hyundai USA style), this will not help us to know what really is this car. The pictures official teasong and…

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Acura ILX Concept Detroit Auto Show 2012

With the advent of Lexus CT 200h, the new generation BMW 1 Series and awaiting the next installment of Mercedes A Class, division of Luxurious Honda had to react. So far, Canada – the other major market Acura after the U.S. – had the right to derivatives chic last three generations of Honda Civic Sedan, respectively named EL and CSX. It is the successor to the Acura model developed the ILX whose concept presented in Detroit is very close to the series. In terms of style, there is a noticeable…

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Detroit Auto Show 2012: Acura Honda NSX Concept

Detroit Auto Show 2012: Acura Honda NSX Concept. It was known that Honda had planned to please its fans at the Detroit Motor Show 2012 by unveiling the spiritual descendant of fire – finally – the Honda NSX, this elegant sport party to the assault of the Porsche and Ferrari in the last century. The Japanese constructor so the promise and today unveils a new sports car called NSX, even if the car is for the moment only a concept car with an Acura badge. The nostalgic regret may not…

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Detroit Auto Show 2012: New Bentley Continental GT V8

Since its release in 2003, the Bentley Continental GT is promoted as one of most popular sports cars in the world of the automobile. To celebrate its 9 years of existence, the elegant cut British to pay some small aesthetic changes and above all, it now adopts a V8 block. Aesthetically, the New Bentley Continental GT V8 differs from the W12 version by its grid of grille split in two by a vertical bar chrome, its new bumpers, double its output in form of “8” or by its new rims…

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