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Bad Karma? Henry Fisker Resigns

Bad Karma? Henry Fisker Resigns
Henry Fisker. images courtesy ©FISKER

Fisker Automotive, the American behind the Karma, a luxury plug-in hybrid, loses its president and founder, Henry Fisker.

This is not the first tile to fall on the head of the prestigious car manufacturer. The Karma cut, which nestles in a niche high-tech rather thin, along with rivals like the Roadster, Tesla Motors, is no longer in production since the end of last year.

This cessation of production was caused by the redemption of its impressive battery supplier lithium ion, A123 Systems, a promising startup 5 years ago, but the latest hammering upset the very emerging market for electric cars.

What is the reason for the left of Henry Fisker? Many major disagreements between him and the direction of his company, about the future of the brand. In recent months, Fisker Automotive has had to feet and hands in order to refinance itself, a crucial step to launch other products to support the Karma coupe on the market.

According to rumor, Fisker is now for sale, and Chinese brands have an eye on the small American group. Geely and Dongfeng, two big regional players in China, are the names that stand out.

Remains to be seen if the two, the Fisker takeover by a Chinese company, and the resignation of Fisker, are directly related.

Bad Karma? Henry Fisker Resigns


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