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BMW Develop A Z4 GTE To Participate The ALMS 2013

BMW Develop A Z4 GTE To Participate The ALMS 2013

BMW Z4 GTE For The ALMS 2013. images courtesy ©

BMW competed in GT category via two cars at different bases: the M3 GT for the category GTE in the ALMS and the Z4 to the GT3 class elsewhere. In 2013 the M3, overtaken by the replacement of the 3 series on which it is based, is retiring and this is the Z4 that reprises role.

BMW has just presented its program for 2013, and revealed on this occasion that Z4 GT3 would serve as a base for the development of a BMW Z4 GTE. It will, as the M3 GT before it, engaged in the ALMS, most likely by RLL team that managed the BMW commitment in the category for four seasons. The release of the constructor does not mention commitments elsewhere, for example in WEC, or placing on the market of the car destined for private stables.

But it is not forbidden to think that such projects are possible, as Jens Marquardt indicates this change of model demonstrates that we concentrate fully on the Z4 as a versatile model for the GT, implying that it is a consistent program.

The BMW Z4 GT3 (picture) continues on its side to be proposed to the private that engage it in GT3 where it is perfectly competitive. If GTE Z4 proves equal to the task in the ALMS, it might give ideas to other manufacturers that have GT3 for the plunge in the same way and to reach a category GTE which, after having been given for moribund, saw its ranks swell in an expedited manner.

BMW Develop A Z4 GTE To Participate The ALMS 2013


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