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BMW M5 and M6: Farewell Manual Transmission

The next generations of BMW M5 and BMW M6 would be sold without gearboxes manual, and this even as an option. This is no longer a secret, the boxes automatic or pre-programmed were flourishing, and box manual transmission begins slowly to as fossil in the world of the sports car.

BMW M5 and BMW M6 Farewell Manual Transmission

Albert Biermann, responsible for the development of Motorsport, said site Inside Line that the next generations of BMW M5 and BMW M6 will be probably sold without manual gearboxes, even as an option.

Currently, only the U.S. is entitled to the manual transmission option on the BMW M5 and BMW M6, and according to Albert Biermann, the application would be in constant decrease and would be dropped to 15% (from 20% last year). According to him, the problem is that in Europe or elsewhere, no one wants the manual box.

We will stop the offer, even for the American buyers attached thereto. Theoretically, the manual transmission is the least expensive to produce, but sales volumes are low and we must strengthen all components in the manual box, find space for the gearshift and other pedal.

This is expensive. On the other hand, Biermann has confirmed that the manual would be preserved on the BMW M3: The needs of a manual BMW M3. It will be always a manual gearbox.

These statements confirm that you will not meet pedal clutch on a BMW M5 or BMW M6 in Europe, even though according to Biermann seem amazing (Americans are attached to the manual gearbox, but in Europe, nobody wants).

BMW M5 and M6: Farewell Manual Transmission


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