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BMW Wants To Sell 2 million Vehicles in 2016

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The BMW Group has dated focus 2016, to which it will celebrate its 100 years. For many celebrated its birthday, the German Colossus has sold two million cars in the world.

What are our goals for the future? Selling in 2016 more than 2 million vehicles in the world, strengthen our operational margin between 8% and 10% and become the provider of services and products premium number 1 in the world in 2020

A signed statement Norbert Reithofer, CEO of the BMW Group, which shows that the Munich firm has very clear ideas about its future. Especially as she has experienced an exceptional 2011 year by selling 1.380.000 BMW, Mini 285.000, 3.538 Rolls Royce as well as 113,500 motorcycles between BMW and Husqvarna.

The figures feel with a net profit of € 4.9 billion is 51.3% more than in 2010! Naturally, with the leaders of BMW is expected to live an even more successful year 2012 through the commercialization of the new 3 series. The months of January and February also beat all records.

Finally, 2012 will be a year hinge for BMW world growth. The objective of the group is to be present on all emerging markets: Brazil, Russia, India, Korea South, Turkey and of course China. The cap of the two million vehicles will be perhaps crossed before 2016.

BMW Wants To Sell 2 million Vehicles in 2016


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