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Again The Restyle of Audi Q5, The Driver Is Really Unhappy

Not easy the life of Director to the point for a car manufacturer. It is obliged to undergo sometimes extreme temperatures and more, it is often hunted by spy photographers. It’s a habit, future development models are hunted down relentlessly by Spy photographers, real automotive paparazzi. And sometimes, the men at the wheel of the car in question are poorly the fact to be photographed against their will. We have already seen scenes where the driver lack to crush a photographer or out of his car to type and destroy…

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Tuning Audi S5 by Senner

Freshly restyle, the Audi S5 is in the hands of Senner Tuning which conducts sobre work on the outside and offers a little more power to the sports version of the A5. The sedan on the rings took advantage of the Frankfurt in September last to present his new restyle face. A few months later, sport declination of the A5 is a small proprietary treatment on the part of Senner. The main feature of this preparation of the German tuner is therefore located under the hood of the German sedan….

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Audi A1 Quattro, A Supernova Limited Edition

Audi A1 Quattro, A Supernova Limited Edition. Everyone expected a S1 or a RS1 and Audi took out of it hat one. A1 Quattro. The disappointment however hard time take a look to the technical backgrounder that announces the color: 256 ch, 350 Nm, 4 wheel drive, 333 copies at a price of €51.190! Real Supernova of the Audi A1 Quattro family will shine then shut and leave room for more rational. In the meantime, we have in hand a car fire on the ice of a frozen lake in…

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Official Audi A3 2012 Photos

Official Audi A3 2012 Photos. In the meantime the information on the part of Audi, official photos of the new Audi A3 come from fuiter on the internet, what to get an idea of the compact German. Last week we could discover a shot that amounted to an official photo of the new A3. Believe that the Czech forum which had published this image did had not erred since our colleagues from Carscoop laid their hands on the future compact German official photos and image is substantially the same. For…

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Audi RS4 Avant, Surprised The Geneva Motor Show 2012

Audi RS4 Avant, Surprised the Geneva Motor Show 2012. The Audi RS4 is an arles which lasts since the rings brand has renewed its sedan. But this time, Audi should reserve a big surprise in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Rumors about a new Audi RS4 not only yesterday. But while there was recently a possible arrival of the model year, this is a very good news that would significantly advance the date of presentation. The information comes from our asphalt Swiss colleagues, which turns a note sent to the…

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New Audi RS4 2012 In Advance

New Audi RS4 2012 in advance. The last victim of leaks on the internet is a very sporting break coming in Audi, awaited by fans for many years. That is, the Audi RS4 is back. It was no longer the tower a secret for a few weeks, we even confirmation with a Swiss document: a new Audi RS4 2012 will make its appearance in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2012. After speculation, this is already the first photos without no cover-up of this new sport of the mark on the…

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