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BMW 6er Gran Turismo 2017 BMW 

BMW 6er Gran Turismo 2017

BMW 6er Gran Turismo 2017: The 5-series Gran Turismo was launched in 2009 and revised in 2013. The successor is now called the BMW 6er Gran Turismo 2017 (6-GT). However, BMW changed a lot more than just the name. The modifications of the body, but also the engine range will be turned inside out and the technology on offer modernized. The Front looks compared to the recently leaked BMW 5-series GT a significantly more sporty. The width of the Grill extends up to the standard-fitted LED headlights. The side of…

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BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury BMW Concept Cars 

BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury

BMW 8 Series Concept The GT-Luxury in the presentation at the Villa d’este this weekend, the BMW 8-Series Concept makes its debut virtual and details of her look that will be transposed on a production model next year. BMW is preparing to push the BMW 6 Series to the output. Instead, the manufacturer to the propeller will propose a second generation of BMW 8-Series prefigured this weekend at the Villa d’este by this concept. And if the final model expected for 2018 remains faithful to this study of style, it…

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BMW 4 Series Coupes Concept, The Future of BMW Convertible

It is no longer a secret, BMW 4 Series Coupe and convertible are in their last year of production. As competition, Bavarian going to climb the ladder and sports offerings first indicator is the BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept unveiled in Detroit in January 2013. It is difficult not to see the affiliation with the BMW 3 Series Sedan and family. Indeed, although the name is different, it recognizes a significant number of similarities. We try to position it above the 3. Are substantially the same faces with the optical…

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Reviews: BMW Z4 2013

In the heart of the winter, the restyled BMW Z4 2013 announced already in summer. The roadster from the German manufacturer has been slightly altered and is entitled to a new version of basic, placed under the sign of “downsizing”. The range now starts with the SDrive 18i, equipped with a slightly “deflated” variant of the well known turbo 2.0 engine. However, with 156 HP under the hood, this ‘small’ Z4 should remain sufficiently dynamic. Indeed, BMW announced a 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds and a top speed…

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The New BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition

About a month ago I’ve heard a special edition of the BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition, only 54 copies worldwide and price tag range to € 99,000. The brand comes from the helix officially unveil. The BMW M3 based on DTM Champion celebrates the triumph of the manufacturer in the DTM for the return. Well, more than 20 years BMW has left the German championship, leaving other manufacturers battle. In 2012, the BMW is back on the farm with DTM attention renew with success . And it was not until…

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BMW Develop A Z4 GTE To Participate The ALMS 2013

BMW competed in GT category via two cars at different bases: the M3 GT for the category GTE in the ALMS and the Z4 to the GT3 class elsewhere. In 2013 the M3, overtaken by the replacement of the 3 series on which it is based, is retiring and this is the Z4 that reprises role. BMW has just presented its program for 2013, and revealed on this occasion that Z4 GT3 would serve as a base for the development of a BMW Z4 GTE. It will, as the M3…

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BMW i4 Concept at The Los Angeles Auto Show

As the next BMW i8 and BMW i3 should arrive, respectively on the market end of 2013 and in 2014, the current constructor munich continues the deployment of its range “i” and should submit to the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of the month, the BMW i4 Concept that could be the coupe version of the i3. Not a lot of official information for the moment if this is a “cut” of BMW i4 should resume the platform and the electric engine of the BMW i3. The questions…

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BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Hybrid Sport Version

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 now possible when BMW presents the final version of its hybrid 3 series. The version without a hybrid system (335i) price starts at a little more than € 50,000. It resumed the same engine series 5 hybrid and offers better performance and lower consumption 340 HP and less than 6L/100 km. Even if the figures announced by BMW on its hybrid technology seem quite complicated to reach, the association between the power of the six-cylinder in-line and hybrid system provide a relatively contained use. BMW is party…

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BMW M5 and M6: Farewell Manual Transmission

The next generations of BMW M5 and BMW M6 would be sold without gearboxes manual, and this even as an option. This is no longer a secret, the boxes automatic or pre-programmed were flourishing, and box manual transmission begins slowly to as fossil in the world of the sports car. Albert Biermann, responsible for the development of Motorsport, said site Inside Line that the next generations of BMW M5 and BMW M6 will be probably sold without manual gearboxes, even as an option. Currently, only the U.S. is entitled to…

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BMW M6: Drunkenness Without A Bottle

BMW M6 standing over there in the middle of the Firestone Vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley, great pic rite? ­čśŤ Just look at it, turn around to observe its angles, its form elongated or stout, to become aware of the power of this BMW. The grille pinned to the symbolic letter M (for Motorsport) is not unnecessarily aggressive, but commands respect. Especially when we know that breathes behind its nasal cavity: a V8 to 560 horses, nothing less. Supercharged by two turbochargers, the engine releases more power and torque…

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