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Ferrari F12 TDF Radical Berlinetta Ferrari 

Ferrari F12 TDF Radical Berlinetta

Bearing of the Tour de France name in homage to the success of the 250 GT in the French road classic, the new Ferrari limited series takes the form of a radical F12. Once again, Ferrari convened its history, the best, to baptize the latest addition to its limited series. It could have been called GTO in reference to the three vents that scratch the rear wings but the three mythical letters had already been used for the previous special edition based on the 599 GTB. Unlike the 599 GTO…

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Ferrari F150: The Model Of The Most Expensive And Most Powerful Brand

Ferrari F150 is inspired by the carscoop F1 and offers performance breathtaking. Need still out a pretty large budget to afford this wonder. Ferrari F150 is designed for speed lovers as she provides 800 horses. The design is clearly influenced by the field of F1. The bottom of Cabinet is covered in Kevlar and carbon. As the F1, you will see that there is an energy recovery. This concept offers performance breathtaking. As Luxury Trends, it takes just 3 seconds to reach 100 km/h and 7 seconds to 200 km/h….

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Ferrari LaFerrari in Spider?

Ferrari LaFerrari comes in electrify at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 lounge with an unusual name and terrifying performance car. The new car is already at the center of all the speculation. LaFerrari , the name of the spiritual successor of Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50 and other Enzo successor. As many supercars that it ridiculous on the performance thanks to an incredible technical specifications: 963 horses for less than 1300 kilos, there is what to leave a Bugatti Veyron. Nothing but the time announced in the 0 to 300 kilometres…

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Scoop Car: Ferrari LaFerrari, Worthy Enzo Successor at Geneva

Ferrari LaFerrari. Well, this is not the new truck full size of Ford code name F150. It is the last livery of Maranello. The Enzo Successor, car arrives. The manufacturer is proud to say that this latest introduction is the most powerful and the most expensive ever produced. And let’s say that the secret was well kept. All the illustrations the next Enzo attempts have failed. The car is a genuine surprise. The Enzo sported angles rather unusual and not always successful, its replacement offers a silhouette of great elegance…

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The New Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Terrifying Screams During Launch

Ferrari just present the F12 Berlinetta. First press tests have already taken place and describe a great leap forward since the Ferrari 599XX Fiorano. Lamborghini Aventador already impressed by its power by 700 horses, the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta made even stronger with some 740 horses developed by its V12. The first trials the auto press come to Italy and my fella from Motorsport benefited to test the launch control and turn a video to show its operation. And to say the least, that this new Ferrari appears to present…

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Ferrari F70 Concept Cars Ferrari Sports Cars 

New Ferrari F70 Concept: Photos

Ferrari F70 should be launched in Geneva Motor Show 2013. The successor of the Enzo just be surprised in a testing phase. Spy shots taken from all angles to guess the look of the future strong supercar of 920 horses. The future hybrid Thoroughbred of Ferrari continues to calibrate. It’s the Ferrari F70, name given to those who will soon become the the most powerful horses fireball. The Italian supercar continues his tests, but with a camouflage thick months than that which the covered in April. Last week, we had…

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Is Ferrari SP12 EC A New Model?

Is Ferrari SP12 EC a new model? Yes but not exactly. We had already seen several resumed unofficially. The Italian brand now unveils the first real images of the car. It was discovered a few months ago by the Special Projects Department of Ferrari completed a new job at the request of a client like no other. Eric Clapton wanted a current Ferrari Berlinetta which refer clearly to the 512BB of the 1970s. The result of this work is the Ferrari SP12 EC, finally delivered to its owner shows. The…

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A Ferrari SP12 EC Surprised For Eric Clapton

A Ferrari SP12 EC has surprised for Eric Clapton. You do not know this model of Ferrari? Well, actually this model of the Ferrari is unknown. It is a unique created any specially for the famous guitarist (hence the EC for “Eric Clapton”), to pay tribute to his successful career as a passion for the brand to the prancing horse (Eric Clapton owned three Ferrari 512BB over the years). We have already discovered it a few weeks ago but it is only now that Ferrari presents, with two official photographs,…

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Review: Ferrari FF Holiday on Ice

Ferrari FF on the snow, unthinkable until now! But the Ferrari FF, first model four wheel drive for the prancing horse, it will finally be family to sample the joys of the four seasons. The specifications of the engineers of Maranello was simple: design a car able to take four people and their luggage to winter sports without losing sports values which constitute the signature of the brand. Through generous measurements and a profile of break of hunting, the Ferrari FF claim the name cut four squares, while offering only…

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Ferrari Unveils Version Of 458 Italia For Chinese Market

In 1992 a Ferrari first set foot on Chinese, it was a model of 348 TS. This is a good reason to celebrate, this year, the 20th anniversary of the presence of the brand horse pitch-up, in the Middle Empire. For the occasion, Ferrari will offer exclusive to its Chinese customers, a version of its very limited edition model of Ferrari 458 Italia. Only 20 copies will be produced. Today, China has quickly become the 2nd largest market for Italian brand while America remains its main client. The Ferrari 458…

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