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Rolls-Royce Wraith Prototype Leaked

Rolls-Royce does not know the crisis and proves it in a beautiful way by unveiling the first picture of its future model, the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Sedan, Coupe, convertible… Rolls-Royce, owned by the BMW Group develops its line in large V. Speed Pending a possible supermini Diesel (just kidding ­čśŤ ), the Derby firm tackles the fastback coupe. A little like a Ford Mustang, but in most majestic! The body type is not quite unknown to the manufacturer, since the Rolls-Royce Camargue produced from 1975 to 1986 was to halfway between…

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No Diesel For Rolls-Royce!

The lesser to it is that the options of Rolls-Royce to reduce its emissions are more limited by its demanding customers. Indeed, following a survey regarding the possibility to insert an engine diesel under the dress of the Spirit of Ecstacy, Rolls-Royce is seen flatly tell clients that they would not buy it. Although the company sought to convince its customers by explaining the benefits of such engines, it appears that this was not sufficient. It must be said that the arguments used by Rolls-Royce were good in claiming the…

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Spyshots New Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe

Sport in Rolls-Royce, for good? Yes, even though we must remain on Rolls-Royce Ghost. At Rolls-Royce, it continues to expand the range. After the Rolls-Royce Phantom limousine, the great English auto could count on new sport coupe and convertible variants. Then the English manufacturer has added the Rolls-Royce Ghost, another slightly more compact and affordable limousine. The latter also new adaptations are in the program. As for its great sister Rolls-Royce Phantom, the Rolls-Royce Ghost will soon have it a cut version. We had also already observed spyshots from our…

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Rolls-Royce 2023 Concept The Next Future

Rolls-Royce 2023 imagine the future of the prestigious brand. Changing times is the least that can be said. Indeed, the very aristocratic brand British Rolls-Royce unveiled the winner of a contest with The Royal College of Art in London via its Facebook page. While attention should not be worn on the middle of the presentation, what we see is the vanguardism of the car. Although the vehicle is definitely oriented to the future, it is difficult not to mention that the lines, especially the silhouette appear to draw their inspiration…

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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars 2023 by Jan P Rosenthal

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars was recently involved in a project of The Royal College of Art in London in which students designers had to imagine the Rolls of 2023. Jan P Rosenthal won the cup with its model inspired by the replica of Lawrence of Arabia on the Silver Ghost: “One Rolls in the desert is worth all the gold in the world.” But the main characteristic of the model by Jan is that this Rolls Royce is a SUV. High on legs, almost as long as a Phantom but a…

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