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Detroit Auto Show 2013: Tesla Model S Review

Californian brand attempting a breakthrough in Europe, Tesla Model S to expose its Detroit Auto Show 2013, the 100% electric sedan which is a reference to the other side of the Atlantic. After reaching its target of 20,000 units produced in 2012, Tesla announced a price increase of its base model (US $ 2,500 more expensive to US $ 59,500) in the United States. In Europe, where it is marketed recently, the Tesla Model S (which is the version offered through the United States and not the basic version with…

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Tesla Launch New Model S Advanced 2013

The problem of the small manufacturers is about the renewal of vehicles is relatively infrequent. Tesla is no exception to the rule and with a single auto Roadster catalog, the losses are beginning to be felt. It was then the Tesla Model S Advanced 2013 is timely. Tesla has announced financial results for the first quarter, and the least that can be said is that they are not very good. The California brand has recorded losses of USD 89.9 million for the first quarter of the year, and the second…

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Tesla Model X: 7 Seats, Doors “hawk” On The Back!

Tesla Model X: 7 Seats, Doors hawk On The Back!. This night, Tesla Motors unveiled for the first time the Model X, a crossover / minivan that will join the showrooms at 2013. Tesla continues, therefore, its strategy of expansion with the Model X, third model of its all-electric range. After sports couples and small families, the manufacturer California intends to seduce many families with this new SUV capable of 7 persons and their luggage. Because the absence of heat engine can be a second chest, under the front cover….

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