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Chevrolet Announces Volt 2013

New Chevrolet Volt 2013

Chevrolet does not make weapons for the new Volt 2013 but will refine its new model including the arrival of a new farm with greater autonomy.

It may be the car of the year award and not falling asleep on its laurels as. This is exactly what Chevrolet send as message to the competition, working on several modifications to the Chevrolet Volt 2013. Autonomy will be extended, with the arrival of a new battery. Goal of the maneuver, to achieve a longer distance in all-electric mode, with changes made on cells, that will allow to 16kWh to 16.5 kWh power. A new battery that will provide 5 kilometers and autonomy for the Volt, for a total of 61 kilometers in all electric mode.

Combined with the gas block, autonomy and climbs 612 kilometers. Improved autonomy extends to figures of average consumption, Chevrolet announcing 2.4 l / 100 km against 2.5 l / 100 km with the battery of the current model. Only flat in all these good news, cooldown its extends a little more.

General Motors said it will take about 10 : 30 on a take-120 V to achieve a load complete, and slightly more than 4 h with taking 240 V. Chevrolet did not yet unveiled the date of official marketing of Chevrolet Volt 2013.

New Chevrolet Volt 2013 New Chevrolet Volt 2013 New Chevrolet Volt 2013

Chevrolet Announces Volt 2013. images courtesy ©GM

Chevrolet Announces Volt 2013


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