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Chevrolet Malibu: The Law of Series

Chevrolet Malibu
images courtesy ©Chevrolet

Who could claim to have never watched a new carscoop Chevrolet Malibu grille without a small emotional burst, one generated by television series and American films where the bowtie brand still holds the lead role among the Extras? This scent of exoticism, seen here as a delicious that forbidden fruit, may well buy a good behavior. This Malibu bringing the road sedan style XXL sized is not lacking in qualities and does not pay so much. A kind of consumerist realism that, better than the low-cost, did achieve a good deal without going broke.

It is a cult model. The Chevrolet Malibu is both closely nested in the lives of Americans and gave rise to many interpretations of bodies whose Hollywood film retains the trace. In the genre, we prefer the Bel Air, but this one is not bad either and even participated in Pulp Fiction with Quentin Tarentino’s personal car. Then, see land his junior in the old Europe, 50 years after its birth, leads to a question: why do you come so late?

Chevrolet Malibu
images courtesy ©Chevrolet

One entry hit thing, is this grille worship, arkangels, robust, suggesting severe uses of the tough to cook. The second lies in the imposing size of the apparatus which, according to our standards of old country, affects instead to the real road. Normal, you say, since it is an American car, extending along the sidewalks on 4.86 m. both say that for the niche, it is not won. But neither more nor less than with the Opel Insignia including the American cousin contains the technical platform, which is already a guarantee of seriousness and efficiency. Elected car of the year, the Insignia is not an ungrateful towards his cousin which it should be noted in passing that she leaves its status as propulsion to the “profit” of traction.

For a cultural rupture, it is one and one that it bragged us as an American is really, at the time. The Americans themselves seem to be sulking it despite its production at the Fairfax plant in Texas. This cocktail is yet no shortage of assets. Longer, lower than the German, his style is pleasant, balanced and even sober without so far seem too discreet. The avalanche of chrome was not held, but the profile remains in three classic volumes, determining a rear trunk whose lid with its four square fire refers to the mythical Camaro. As a bonus, this chest is giant with its 545 l and the ability to cast off the back seat.

Chevrolet Malibu
images courtesy ©Chevrolet

Clearly wanting to target top clientele of high road, Chevrolet has made the choice of rather bloated equipment that may evolve according to three levels (LT, LT + and LTZ). In all cases, the available space is very generous, in line with the exterior footprint, which was not always the case on the U.S.. Typical Chevrolet, double alcove by dash organization revolves around a wide central console overloaded functions. A long grip is essential to make the tour, but, done, we find quickly what is needed without going down in an obscure tree. On best finishes, the infotainment screen 7 inch and can switch to unveil ‘secret’ storage space. Meters also recall those of the Camaro and lighting by light ice blue color guides have been cleverly distributed.

With a very decent finish and leather American on our car test, that is rather steep, the Malibu la Malibu gives the feeling to offer for his money. The importance of the leather on the seats believes according to the finish as the audio system which can peak at nine HP. USB plugs, connection Bluetooth, phone handsfree and voice recognition are the level of benefits. We only regret that the recoil radar, indispensable in manoeuvres, is not relayed by a camera on the big screen from the edge. Amazing oblivion so that the LTZ has headlight Xenon, GPS in mapping Europe or the cruise control for example.

Chevrolet Malibu
images courtesy ©Chevrolet

The choice made by Chevrolet in Europe is no longer simple. He chose one version of engine, the brave diesel 2.0 l Opel of 160 c. May be combined with a mechanical six speed transmission or an automatic whose disadvantage is to raise the rate of CO2 from 134 to 160 g and consumption of 5.1 l 6.0 l. We had this second box whose approval and softness argue more for security and tranquility of the driver for its consumption, 20% greater. Too bad really, because it tends to produce the roar of the engine, more present in manual transmission. In all cases, it expressed surprise at the absence of Start & Stop, a solution become universal at this level of car.

The driving position enjoys a seat back very far, adjustable in height and depth (such as driving) and equipped with an adjustable lumbar support. The commands are electric and – but on the LTZ only – memory and heated. What address the backpacking peace of mind even if this engine appears more rugged than its modern congeners. A more neat encapsulation could remedy this. On the other hand, no hesitation in occasions, 350 Nm of torque are present at the call of the right foot, more than the accelerations that are in the honest average.

Chevrolet Malibu
images courtesy ©Chevrolet

Launched, this Chevrolet is a formidable machine to kill the kilometres, with the breath and endurance. Would a little more mellow suspensions have been appreciated, at the rear, but this heavy car needs to be and to limit potential loss of adhesion of the nosewheel when driver abuse goodwill. That you can rest assured, electronic paraphernalia is there to control the trajectory, ensure good adhesion of the wheels at all times and manage braking to electronic distribution to the emergency situation. With a warranty of 3 years or 100,000 miles, the Malibu offers top at same price range. A pragmatic so that does not deliver the great thrill, but seduced in the long run with so many reason.


  • very livable car
  • generous equipment
  • Road qualities of European


  • sound engine
  • improved consumption (BVA)
  • slightly firm suspension

The technical specifications for the Chevrolet Malibu 2.0 l VCDi

Displacement: 1,956 cm3
Type: 4 cyl. Online turbo diesel
Power: 160 HP at 10,000 rpm
Torque: 350 Nm to 1 750 RPM
Transmission: front wheels
Box: manual/automatic 6-speed
Dimensions (L/w/h): 465 x 1 855 x 1,465 mm
Chest: 545 l
Weight: 1 595 / 1,635 kg (9.96 / 10.21 kg/PS)
0-100 km/h: 9.8 s/NC
Speed: 213/210 km/h
Fuel consumption: 5.1/6 l / 100 km
CO2 emissions: 135 g (no malus) / 160 g (malus: 1 €500)
Price: from €28,000 (LT), €29 100 (LT +), €32,800 (LTZ). BVA: + 1 €400

Chevrolet Malibu: The Law of Series


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