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Chrysler Announces The End Of The Jeep Compass & Town and Country

Chrysler Announces The End Of The Jeep Compass and Town and Country

Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne just drop some information on global products plan of the merged group. The automaker will consolidate its minivan lineup under one nameplate, the Dodge Grand Caravan. According to him, the Jeep Compass and the Town & Country do not experience of descent. All at least on the same segment.

Sergio Marchionne, who is the head of Fiat-Chrysler revealed in a meeting with the media on the site Belvidere Chrysler than some models would eventually disappear in the catalog.

Marchionne said that the Jeep Compass and Patriot are manufactured with the Dodge Dart up to 2014 and then several models were likely to replace the Compass which will disappear this date screens.

It was also learned that TRS was preparing well a vibrant version of Dart and that was currently studying what level of power this model would propose (and therefore which engine would be under the hood). It has been said that Chrysler could as early as 2017 offer hybrid engines but also natural gas engines. A model will be proposed this year. Side electrical power, Marchionne said that Chrysler would be marketing an electric Fiat 500 this year, and even if the group loses money on each model sold. The objective is to meet the rules of States such as California and used American engineers to this type of engine.

The great pattern of group admitted that in 2014, there will be more than the MPV Grand Caravan catalog, the Town & Country is replaced by a model positioned differently. This MPV called Lancia Voyager home will become a large crossover of the size of the Mercedes R class.

Chrysler Announces The End Of The Jeep Compass & Town and Country


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