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Chrysler Dodge Australian Tolls

Dodge Viper both a girl

The Director of operations of Chrysler-Fiat for Asia, Michael Manley, announced that the days of Dodge in the Australian market are now counted, because the manufacturer put more on the development of the Turin firm in the country. According to him, the company took no decision to “kill” the American branch in Australia, but if the trend follows that observed in other international markets, is that a question of time before that Dodge leaves the country.

Thus, the Dodge Journey would have its “twin” Fiat, the Fremont and Dodge Dart would become Fiat Viaggio, in the event where this model would be designed with the right conduct. Fremont will have an identical to the Journey mechanical and will be offered with two engine choices: a 3.6 liter gasoline V6, or a 4-cylinder, Turbo-diesel 2.0 L. The main differences will reside at the level of the body, the inheriting of the characteristic lines of Fiat Freemont. This model would be on the lines of mounting in the second half of 2012.

Chrysler Australia and Fiat also discussed the future of Alfa Romeo, which will officially join family on May 1st. The company also took the Beijing Motor Show to launch Fiat Viaggio, inspired by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, whose production will begin in China late June.

Chrysler Dodge Australian Tolls


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