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Cora Schumacher in Camaro GT3: A Big Family

Cora Schumacher in Camaro GT3

The autosport history is marked by some great family stories. In Schumacher also, we multiply the experiments. Now is that Cora gets going in earnest.

In the Schumacher family, everyone knows of course the big brother Michael, the multiple world champion of Formula 1 which started in karts with his father in Germany.

After the initial success of Michael is his younger brother Ralph, who joined the pack of Formula 1 in the last decade with an incomplete success, who finally sent in the DTM with Mercedes.

Cora Schumacher is Ralf’s wife. The professional activities of her husband and her in-laws have probably given him a taste for motorsport. After some experience in single-brand series of cars with little power, it is now ready to spend the next level.

She just tried the monstrous Chevrolet Camaro GT3 in the trials of the offseason Blancpain Endurance Series. I bet we should soon find the driving of the big American GT Racing. Then after Michael and Ralf Schumacher wins for Cora?

Cora Schumacher in Camaro GT3

Cora Schumacher Join Chevrolet Camaro GT3 American GT Racing

Cora Schumacher in Camaro GT3: A Big Family


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