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Dodge Dart 2013: A Compact Interesting

Dodge Dart 2013

People of the generation of the 50 and 60 years remember the Dodge Dart of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Young people today call this type of vehicle a sleeper, or a box on four wheels under the hood which it had slipped a 5.5L (340 cubic inch) V8 which developed a further 300 horse power. At the time, the Dodge Dart was the darling of the acceleration runways.

If we look to the Dodge Dart 2013, you realize quickly that the philosophy behind the design of the car was changed. We are talking about two completely different worlds. The new Dart is a derived compact car of the marriage of Chrysler with the Italian manufacturer Fiat and Alfa Romeo division. The platform used is that of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, but mechanics is Chrysler.

Five versions available
With our neighbors to the South, the constructor will propose likely five versions of the Dodge Dart. The Dart SE, the base model, which should be driven by a 4-cylinder 2 liters of 160 horses, has not less than ten bags of safety airbags in the rear led lights, brake ABS, electric ice and 16-inch wheels. The SXT Dart receives 17 inch aluminum rims, electric mirrors, air conditioning and a 6-speaker audio chain. The Dart Rally adds the fog lamps, audio controls on the steering wheel, dual exhaust and aerodynamic overall. The Dart Limited, it offers the power-adjustable driver’s seat, leather, Bluetooth connectivity, wheels polished aluminum, rear vision camera. These last three models offer 4-cylinder turbocharged 1.4L and 2 liter, two 160 HP. Finally, the R/T Dart will use a 2.4-liter 184 or 210 horses Chrysler mechanics. It receives 18 inches, a sport suspension and leather alloy wheels.

Technically interesting
In addition to the fact that the Dodge Dart offers a good choice of air engines and turbocharged, the gearboxes offered will be the 6-speed manual and the Fiat dual clutch automatic. A little later in the year, it is also possible that Chrysler offered the new automatic 9 reports. In addition, the Dodge Dart will likely be the compact large category and the longest.

…and safe
Series, the Dodge Dart receives not less than 10 airbags of safety and is constructed with high-strength steel. It is the only compact detection of cars in blind spots. It also offers electric steering.

Dodge Dart 2013 Dodge Dart 2013 Dodge Dart 2013

Dodge Dart 2013 A Compact Interesting. images©Dodge

Dodge Dart 2013: A Compact Interesting


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