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Ferrari LaFerrari in Spider?

Ferrari LaFerrari in Spider

images courtesy ©Ferrari

Ferrari LaFerrari comes in electrify at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 lounge with an unusual name and terrifying performance car. The new car is already at the center of all the speculation.

LaFerrari , the name of the spiritual successor of Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50 and other Enzo successor. As many supercars that it ridiculous on the performance thanks to an incredible technical specifications: 963 horses for less than 1300 kilos, there is what to leave a Bugatti Veyron. Nothing but the time announced in the 0 to 300 kilometres per hour is breathtaking as he sticks not less than four seconds at the last!

LaFerrari is a monster, it will be produce 499 copies only reserved for best brand customers who must pay each € 1.2 million.

But why not in a Spider of this new brand Italian supercar version?

Well, I try virtually from a clever photoshoper is fun to imagine a car without its roof, way Ferrari F50 or Porsche Carrera GT. The rendering is successful but in reality, no project of this kind will come because the car has been designed as a strict closed Berlinetta, the high level of rigidity would no doubt impacted by a way targa roof.

Convertible supercar enthusiasts to turn to the Porsche 918 Spyder, which will have a roof of this kind.

Ferrari LaFerrari in Spider

Ferrari LaFerrari in Spider in Photoshop. images courtesy ©ScoopCar

Ferrari LaFerrari in Spider?


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