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Fiat 127 Render Of The 2013 Version

Fiat 127 Render Of The 2013 Version

Fiat 127 2013. images courtesy ©AutoItalia

Those later years surely will remember with nostalgia the Fiat 127, the Lingotto which was supermini launched in 1971 to replace the now-venerable Fiat 850. The lists 127 remained until 1983 when its replacement, the Fiat Uno.

From the point of view of style, followed a strategy (which was later vindicated) very clear simple lines and clean forms, all with successful proportions. I definitely explains why, even today, if you see one on the street, perhaps a particularly cheerful and vibrant color.

Is there anyone who like the 1970s model has decided to reinvent the subcompact Fiat, as you can see from the numerous images in our photo gallery. The model of the 2013 was thought to resemble the ancestor as possible, but at the same time boast a modern design and tailored to an audience much more sophisticated.

Fiat 127 Render Of The 2013 Version


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