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Fisker Karma, $220,680 Electric Car Without Constraint

Fisker Karma, $220,680 Electric Car Without Constraint

As in the fable, the Fisker Karma is a rat or bird. It is an electric ­voiture until the ­puissant gasoline engine for recharging its batteries turns on. It is in our view a variety of hybrid vehicle. Like the pair of Chevrolet Volt OR Opel Ampera, another achievement of American origin, which uses the same system, it is in fact appeal to two types of energy. It is in electric mode superb Karma offers the best of itself.

It is in electric mode superb Karma offers the best of itself. Its speed is then limited to a little over 150 km/h, but who will complain? The pleasure that it distills lies elsewhere. It is in its silent operation, ease of driving (no clutch or transmission), and as on the Tesla, the operation of its gigantic couple, issued at the start. The intervention of the thermal group petrol unfortunately spoil the table: it rumbles, vibrates, and sometimes intervenes in time. It is sadly inexorable after a few tens of kilometres (from 60 to 80). Only consolation: the performance progress significantly, the top speed slightly exceeding 200 km/h and 0-100 mph settling to 5, 9 s (against 7.9 in purely electric mode).

Karma-drive is a new art of living, which was already endorsed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Gen. Colin Powell. Inside, almost as high-tech as its rival, Tesla, and as beautifully drawn as the exterior, is involved in the pleasure. There again, the ergonomic choices are original. In addition to a large screen (but that is not a Tablet), the dashboard has only four buttons grouped in a small pyramid on the central console.

The Interior of the Karma is not very spacious. It is closer to that of an Aston Martin Rapide to a Porsche Panamera. But as in the famous English this promiscuity promotes the complicity in the journey. Very heavy (more than 2.5 tonnes) as packed with batteries, the Fisker also a center of gravity is very low to look more agile than she is. But his greatest asset is his ability to be able to bring back you to the House without going through the charging box. But it will still think to charge every night as his mobile phone.

A New Beed of Automobile
It has already been crack Leonardo DiCaprio and Colin Powell. The new must have for the electric car is called Fisker Karma. It was released for Christmas.

The smiling faces of Leonardo DiCaprio and the former war chief Colin Powell scroll on the screen of the laptop by Henrik Fisker. The two celebrities pose in front of their next vehicle a Fisker Karma. “I don’t yet have the right to broadcast all the cliches of my famous clients”, the former designer of BMW Z 8 and Martin Aston Martin DB 9 and V8 Vantage, who has moved from his table to drawing to an Office of business leader apologizes. At age 48, he now contemplates the object of the challenge that it was launched in August 2007: a large electric luxury passenger car, scratched his name.

Fisker Karma, $220,680 Electric Car Without Constraint

Choice for the less unusual, he presents his Karma in the middle of the Court of a Milanese Palace decorated by the Tiepolo. Sensual aesthetics, fruit of a subtle blend of curves and lines, denatures not the place. Long and low, its massive wheelbase and its low overhangs give it an air of as timeless as the magnificent Italian building fawn. The Interior plays in a more classical register with digital instrumentation circled in chrome, as on an old English. But easily recognizable in all details the paw of Henrik Fisker, designer of the last James Bond Aston Martin. “As originally automotive, we first created a beautiful vehicle. Then we asked our engineers to work hard to achieve,”he said.

The Fisker Karma therefore appeals to electric drive, but it still conceals a group gasoline under its imposing Cap. “The traditional engine is there than to charge the batteries, in order to be sure that you can return home in the event of unforeseen circumstances, or embark on a long journey. There only a role of operable generator on-demand”says Henrik Fisker. Good electric vehicle should therefore think to reload his Fisker every evening when his cell phone. After a night on the 220 V, autonomy will be on the morning of 80 km, which can add 400 extra miles in the day if called upon the conventional engine.

Such as the Tesla, the Karma is towards motorists rich Americans and Europeans always pleased to show that they are more “green” than in a Porsche Panamera simple or a Jaguar XJ. The United States and Europe should each provide 40% of the sales of the 12,000 to 15,000 annual units that intends to produce Fisker Automotive. Remains will be for Asia, where environmental awareness is not, it seems, still as strong as in the West.

Avowed aim, 250 sales in France each year
In France, Frey, distributor including Hyundai group, put on 250 sales each year. In a little more than €100,000, the Karma is not cheap, but the sum is not unreasonable-looking technology onboard and the pleasure experienced rolling both “greener” and rarer than its neighbour.

Fisker has unveiled in Frankfurt his Surf Concept, derived from the Karma hunting break. A little sister inspired platform, code-named Nina and intended to compete with the BMW 3 series and Audi A 4, should succeed him. Unlike the Karma, assembled in the Finnish Valmet, it will be built in Wilmington, Delaware (United States). The mark table on annual 100,000 copies out of the channels. This relocation was required by the Department of American Energy (DOE). She was the primary condition to the grant, two years ago, a loan of Henrik Fisker $ 538 million. Will manage this new challenge?

Henrik Fisker is right: his Karma is an electric car. Because getting started with petrol engine greatly degrades the driving pleasure. Four cylinder turbo fire the Opel GT to recharge the batteries is booming and vibrating terribly, and sometimes offbeat. Its exhaust, arranged at the base of the rear-view mirrors, make such fuss that it becomes difficult to roll open Windows.

This cacophony disappears as if by magic as soon as the Karma is using its two electric motors to move. The group in gasoline reduced to silence, the car then evolves in a disconcerting and pleasant peace and quiet. And his honest locomotive torque (1330 Nm!) provide vigorous times. Pure performance degradation, linked to the thermal engine (7.9 s 0 to 100 and 153 km/h top speed, against 5.9 s and 201 km/h) became acceptable.

The 300 kg of batteries were placed as low as possible in order to improve the stability. The suspension has been studied to ensure an optimum behaviour in curves.

Fisker Karma, $220,680 Electric Car Without Constraint

This good mix masses and neat links on the ground are forthcoming this vehicle more than 2.5 tonnes lighter than it is, especially during the changes of support. Comfort is a good level with an effective filtering, even on degraded road. Rather picked up, the Interior is closer to that of an Aston Martin Rapide to a Porsche Panamera. At the rear, large passengers head touch, alas, the flag. Only a few imperfections in the Assembly indicate that it is a vehicle produced in small series. As often with electric cars, the boot is tiny. High-quality dashboard has only four buttons grouped in an elegant pyramid on the central console. The rest of the functions is ordered with via a touch screen about the size of a tablet computer.

Green to the end of its wheels
Is there a more environmentally friendly vehicle than the Karma? Leather seats are made from skins of bovine animals intended for human consumption and processed according to the said principles of the ‘five freedoms’, ensuring the animal during its lifetime. The passenger compartment inserts are molded in turn in materials “non-toxic obtained from post-industrial recycled content”. And (modest) Interior veneer make them appeal to “no living growth. Do mean by that that the wood comes from trees on forest soils (Fallen Wood). Fisker also uses white oak logs recovered at the bottom of Lake Michigan, where they were sunk there are over three hundred years as a result of transport accidents (Sunken Wood). Finally, for his Burr-walnut, society benefits trees become sterile without be destroyed (Rescued Wood) as a result of the fire that occurred in 2007 in Southern California.

Fisker Karma, $220,680 Electric Car Without Constraint


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