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Ford Focus Electric Unveils Its Characteristics

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric Unveils Its Characteristics EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has to disclose the characteristics of the Ford Focus electric, best sentence that those of other green cars already offered for sale.

The Ford Focus electric is already available in some states in the United States, and the first figures on consumption and autonomy come fall. Official figures show a mixed use of 2.25 l/100 km (this figure is indeed the equivalent back to heat engine), for a range of 122 km.

It is not huge, and this is barely better than the Nissan Leaf, (117 km and 2.5 l/100 km), for a selling price of $39,995, it is $7,215 more than the entry for the competitor from Nissan. These prices are out of ecological bonus, which can go to the United States up to $7,500.

A reminder, the electric motor develops 123 horsepower on the Ford Focus electric, against 109 ch for the direct competitor, the Leaf. The Chevrolet Volt is more expensive, and its mode of operation is different from these last two.

For the moment, the arrival in Europe of the Focus electric is not planned, this will depend on the success in the US.

Ford Focus Electric Unveils Its Characteristics


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