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Ford Mustang 2013 Inspired The Evos Concept

Ford Mustang 2013

Ford Mustang 2013 is the next generation of Ford Mustang is the subject of many rumors of New Ford Evos a few weeks ago. The last suggested that it would be distributed in Europe, that of the day tells us that it could no longer look like a Mustang!

Ford will launch a whole new sport coupe nicknamed Ford Mustang III by the middle of the year 2014, just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this legendary American car. Designed by artist Sean Smith, the new generation will leave fall retro style in favor of a design heavily inspired by the Evos prototype (without the butterfly doors, however).

Indeed, the Wall Street Journal says that the future generation of Mustang announced for 2015 might abandon its neo retro trend that makes its success since 2000. The line saw a long period between 1980 and 1999 where the Mustang had nothing to do with their ancestors of the golden age of muscle cars but we must confess that they have not really marked the spirits.

Since it is a global marketing, manufacturer seeks to broaden the appeal of the Mustang by a more refined look, a weight reduction and a new platform.

The rumor that the Mustang finally adopted an independent rear suspension, thus competing with the Chevrolet Camaro. Expect EcoBoost engines under the hood, perhaps even a V8.

Some people may approach the next generation style studies say to journalists from the Wall Street Journal that the design is now more inspired by the recent Evos concept already used Muse to the next Ford Fusion which is also our Mondeo. The reason for this choice (keep the conditional) would be in the settlement of sales including to the Camaro from the beyond in the charts but also in the loss of attractiveness of retro new style models.

Not sure this is the right choice but designers are sometimes visionaries so wait and see Ford Mustang III likely will debut at the New York Auto Show 2013.

Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustang 2013

Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustang 2013

Ford Mustang 2013 Inspired The Evos Concept. images courtesy ©FORD

Ford Mustang 2013 Inspired The Evos Concept


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