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Honda Accord Recall 30,058 Vehicles In Canada

Honda Accord Recalls In Canada

Honda recalls 30,058 cars in Canada due to a potential fire hazard. Recall Agreement target cars with a V6 engine built between 2003 and 2007. Honda reported a fire hazard, but there’s no reports of illness or injury, or accident.

Honda says that due to prolonged exposure to heat from the engine, hose power steering system of these cars could deteriorate. The pipe could then crack and let the liquid escape, resulting in a fire or loss of power steering.

Honda will replace the hose free, but warns that the necessary parts will not be available until next year. In the meantime, any owner concerned should contact their dealer says Honda.

According to Honda, the company that makes these pipes had to restart production as old cars are targeted at least five years.

Honda Accord Recall 30,058 Vehicles In Canada


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