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Honda Civic 2013

Honda Civic 2013
New Honda Civic 2013. images courtesy ©HONDA

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars on the market. Last year, the arrival of the new generation sparked sharp criticism. The magazine Consumer Reports, the benchmark for consumption in the United States, awarded a note that did suffer from insomnia the leaders of the constructor. At a point such that, a year later, they presented in an enhanced version. The car assembled in the neighbouring province is offered in configurations sedan and cut. For this test, the Touring sedan was the order of the day.

In my knowledge, it is rather unusual to see a manufacturer launch a new generation of car and immediately the following year see its make other changes. Yet, despite the criticisms, ever sales of the Honda Civic not have been as good here as among our neighbours to the South, which is took advantage of the situation to achieve good business at the time of checkout. Whatever it is, and perhaps to avoid a free fall of the reputation of the car, the manufacturer made amends and introduced its mea culpa.

Japanese carmakers: victims of their success?
Critics were right to be tough against the Honda Civic? In fact, they have criticized Honda I missed boldness, creativity, and to present to the public a version renewed from the previous generation. The launch of a popular car for next generation still arouses great interest. Will be even better than the last time? This time, Honda did not appear to have pulled it off. Victim of a difficult financial context, this is what he could do best. Toyota had been wiser. He renewed an umpteenth time its Corolla, another compact most popular on the market. And nobody has spoken.

Since their arrival in North America, the Japanese manufacturers, Honda and Toyota at the top of list, have always worked hard to sell quality vehicles. Over the years however, however there was this quality seemed more difficult to maintain to compete before a South Korean competition which has spared nothing to demonstrate that she could do better, if any as well.

Currently, the Hyundai Elantra is a compact offering the best quality-price ratio. For their part, American manufacturers have always been fi critics. It took the financial crisis of 2008 to respond. Until then, GM, Chrysler and Ford had accustomed us to vehicles that demonstrated a quality of random design. Inevitably, it is easier to greet this ascent towards quality. Honda and Toyota so suffered their reputation, and painfully paid their misdemeanors.

But, fault confessed half redressed, said: in the case of the Honda Civic of 2013, the result of the changes has led Consumer Reports a review note which it had originally issued and, suddenly, add the word “Recommended” that it had denied for the grind of 2012.

Details that make the difference
Honda has not reinvented the wheel. The Honda Civic has remained the same, but it has received some small policy changes. As appearances have force of law, Honda designers in reviewed elements of the bodywork, in particular parts front and rear sedans.

They also pushed a little further by revising the settings the suspension and the Steering, improved soundproofing and exercise using the cabin of materials more giving the impression of having been bought in a fire sale of. Then, in conclusion, they were installed in the livery LX Bluetooth technology, heating elements for front seats and audio controls steering wheel, features that already equipped Kia Forte and Hyundai Elantra. In the end, the Civic presents a more homogeneous and more competitive set.

Once on board, you can feel a difference. It is not major, but it still noticeable when swiped my hand on dash and plastics. As the Touring benefits besides a trim of leather for the seats, the effect is even more striking.

The other elements of the presentation have not changed. Honda is always the impression of sitting a little lower. And you quickly realize at the time out of the car. At the front, occupants benefit a good clearance for the legs and head, as well as comfortable seats. The largest taking place in the front passenger seat find however the legroom just a little.

The driving position retains its ergonomic properties: the driver is easy to find a good driving position. Before him, he consults with legible instrumentation and quickly found on most orders. Honda always uses the approach that it has implemented in the previous Civic launched in 2006: a digital speedometer placed in the upper part of the Group of instruments and, below, an indicator of the analogue engine rpm.

In the evening, all the buttons are illuminated, including those to adjust the mirrors. Furthermore, the car follows the current trend which that flashers have fast service to activate during an overtaking maneuver. Just then gently press the lever of the indicators so that they will Flash three times and then stop. In this way, there is no reason not to use!

As the glass surface is generous, the visibility is good in all directions. Delivered EX and Touring series include a rearview camera. On the Touring version, it offers a broader vision. In the United States, the LX series also took advantage. Another great news: the use of materials which efficiently compensate sounds, including those of the engine. It is not perfect, but it’s much better than before.

At the rear, passengers can enjoy the good comfort of the seat. On the other hand, the clearance for the legs and head caters to people of average size and less. As such, the space is more generous in the Nissan Sentra. The Civic also has several storage places. But the trunk is not as roomy as that of the Chevrolet Cruze, Nissan Sentra and Hyundai Elantra. On the other hand, it is a little more than that of the Mazda3.

Mechanical achievements
For 2013, Honda always appeals to the four cylinder engine 1.8 l single overhead camshaft. However operates 140 horsepower and torque in an efficient way in order to provide good performance at the time to accelerate and perform an overflow. The ECON mode to optimize fuel consumption by changing some parameters of conduct. At the time to accelerate for example, the Honda Civic reacts more slowly and seems empattee. During my test, while driving with and without the function mode I recorded an average of 9.7 l / 100 km. It was 9.9 l / 100 km with the Cup. Once more, the cold and the presence of winter tires usually increase consumption of a good 10%.

The Touring is available only with the automatic 5-speed. The presence of 5 instead of 6, as is the case of several competitors such as the Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra and the Mazda3, does it however to accompany the motor effectively. One report to the other passages occur smoothly most of the time.

The driving pleasure
The improvements also benefit the road behavior of the Civic. By changing settings in the suspension and direction, Honda has managed to create a good compromise between comfort and sportiness. When the road surface is damaged, the suspension dampens shocks with greater flexibility. The car is agile, manageable. It gives the printing to be bigger, which contribute 17-inch wheels which equip the Touring. Otherwise, the DX and LX versions are equipped with only conventional rims 15 in., and the 16″ alloy. It is part of the compact pleasant to drive if one is looking for a car in the more sporty character, its direct rival on this chapter being the Mazda3. Honda also offers a version if, more efficient.

The 2013 Honda Civic receives a best home manufacturer relied on proactivity and corrected several irritants until, one day, a true Civic news, like the one offered in Europe. For the time being, he did what he should have initially. In the end, buyers get more for their money, which allows to conclude that the Civic is therefore more than ever part of the safe values.
Technical specifications for the Honda Civic 2013

  • Base price: US$ 17,050
  • The tried model price: US$ 26,450
  • Training: Traction
  • Engine: L4, SOHC, 1.8 L, 140 horsepower, 128 lb. – ft. of torque
  • Box: Automatic 5-speed

Honda Civic 2013 Honda Civic 2013 Honda Civic 2013

Honda Civic 2013 Honda Civic 2013 Honda Civic 2013

Honda Civic 2013 Honda Civic 2013 Honda Civic 2013

Honda Civic 2013. images courtesy ©HONDA

Honda Civic 2013


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