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Honda Civic Hybrid 2013 Will Not Available In Canada

More than 15 years, the Honda Civic is the best-selling car in the Canada. Not sure if Honda Civic Hybrid version 2013 won the same honors since it will not be sold in the country. Honda prefers to sell its stocks of the hybrid 2012 model, without a new fleet of vehicles.

According to Laura Heasman, Coordinator of public relations of Honda Canada, the remaining of the model Honda Civic stock 2012 is sufficient to keep pace with sales of this vehicle to the time.

The 2012 model year did not unanimity among critics and had no success in the Canada, due no doubt to the lack of advertising and communication. It is perhaps for this reason that the buyers will have to settle for the model of the year passed. In addition, the Honda Civic 2014 will soon be among builders, this is another reasons that pushed Honda to not submit its 2013 model to the Canada.

Moreover, it is far more appreciation of the United States where its inhabitants can already take place behind the wheel of this latest version of the hybrid sedan. Ms. Heasman announces that it is not possible to see a redesigned model up to our doors, at least it will be patient, because this is foreseen for next year!

Honda Civic Hybrid 2013 Will Not Available In Canada


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