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Hyundai i-Oniq Discovers A Little More Leak

Hyundai i-Oniq

Hyundai i-Oniq Discovers A Little More Leak. Friday, day of leaks. After Disco Volante and Lexus RX450h, it is the turn of the concept Hyundai i-oniq to be deflowered on the web.. we had previously only a view of the front to us under the eyelid, here from all angles.

Hyundai will present in Geneva Motor Show a concept announcing an evolution of it aesthetic language. i-Oniq will be responsible for illustrate this as we discovered a few days ago in an accompanied by release of a single photo.

i-Oniq reveals in these images proposed by Carscoop its doors in distinctive, intense red Interior, its stretched hindquarters and this black tailgate which, combined with the shape of the lateral glazing gives the strange impression of being before a Swedish car, a kind of mix between Saab and Volvo. The front, Hyundai face is completely different today, which is a little confusing, because hiding the logo, it is difficult to attribute to it a any recognizable stylistic paternity.

The Hyundai i-Oniq is propulsion that measuring 4.40 m an electrical motor of about 110 HP mated to a thermal generator (3 cylinders 1, 0 l) using extension of autonomy.

Hyundai i-Oniq Discovers A Little More Leak


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