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Is Ferrari SP12 EC A New Model?

Is Ferrari SP12 EC a new model? Yes but not exactly. We had already seen several resumed unofficially. The Italian brand now unveils the first real images of the car.

It was discovered a few months ago by the Special Projects Department of Ferrari completed a new job at the request of a client like no other. Eric Clapton wanted a current Ferrari Berlinetta which refer clearly to the 512BB of the 1970s.

The result of this work is the Ferrari SP12 EC, finally delivered to its owner shows. The car is based on a Ferrari 458 Italia but style is obviously changed in quite large proportions.

Everything refers to fire the Ferrari 512BB between two-color finish, the design of the stern or the General proportions. Note that the headlights are those of an Enzo.

This single copy will cost some $ 4.75 million for achievement. Ferrari still not confirm officially if auto do well a V12 599 instead of the V8 of origin of the Ferrari 458 Italia as rumors the suggested.

Ferrari SP12 EC

Ferrari SP12 EC

Ferrari SP12 EC A New Model. images courtesy ©FERRARI

Is Ferrari SP12 EC A New Model?


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