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Jaguar F-Type Convertible Back To Basics

Jaguar F-Type Convertible Back To Basics

Jaguar F-Type 2013 has confirmed that the future F-Type two-seater convertible will be priced under the current XK, or at about $85,000. The feline found Jaguar F-Type DNA with this coupe cabriolet stocky and sports, far from the three latest “limousines”. A renaissance expected.

Jaguar, owned by the Indian Tata, was left inside of a products “range rise” strategy which copied oversimplified the Germans of the segment: large sedans, even typed GT and strong of a beautiful Cavalry, but bordering the trivialization. The XJ, XF and to a lesser extent XK compensated somehow strategic error, under the era of former owner Ford of the X-Type.

With the arrival of this F-Type, Jaguar revives so its actually sporting history which had been the first fruits, a year ago, at the Frankfurt Show in which the concept car C – X 16. The style and proportions are maintained and, if, for the time being, no technical data is available before his revelation to the world of the car, can be based on the dimensions of the C – X 16: 4.44 m in length for a width of 2.05 m and a height of 1.30 m x 2.62 m wheelbase.

A new 3.0 V6
Under the front hood, of course longitudinal position and propulsion, three engines are available: a new 3.0 V6 Supercharged of 340 HP or 380 HP and a revisited version of the V8 5.0 current of 470 HP or 510 PS – all equipped with the Stop & Start and coupled to a ZF 8-speed auto box.

For an hour, and pending the final features unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, it is not matter of a hybrid version adding to the V6 3.0 some 70 kW (94 HP) and lowering emissions to 165 g/km view of the concept car C – X 16. And yet less than diesel, same V6, by chance! The marketing of this beautiful coupe convertible is planned for 2013. In the meantime, this F-Type made its debut, barely camouflaged at the Goodwood Festival of Speed there are few. A very realistic taste of its dynamic behavior and the sound of its engine.

Jaguar F-Type Convertible Back To Basics


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