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Kia Quoris A Premium Sedan Overengineered

Kia Quoris has presented on Wednesday 18 July, the new flagship of the brand destined to conquer since October markets outside Europe. High-end and rich of many driver aid to conduct until then unpublished in the Kia range, this model is actually identical to the K9, output one earlier this year in Korea.

Kia Quoris A Premium Sedan Overengineered

Kia Quoris has the driving aid and active safety equipment. By activation of a button, the driver can choose the desired speed and set a safe distance separating it from the preceding vehicle. This intelligent cruise control takes the form of a radar located in the front bumper, controlling the road permanently and guaranteeing a comfortable ride, with accelerations and advance braking.

Kia Quoris is also equipped with an advanced device of management of safety of the vehicle, which requires different systems of control of the vehicle, including the electronic stability control, safety belts and multiple warning devices. Detected risk levels, the system alerts the driver in three different ways: by posting a warning, triggering an alarm or claiming the seat belts.

Finally, the Kia Quoris has a system for detecting blind with help file, with two implanted radar change at each corner of the shield back, able to detect objects up to 70 m of the rear of the vehicle and to 4 m of and on the other of the latter.

The launch of Kia Quoris planned in October on several strategic markets outside Europe, where Kia may decline later this sedan under a new identity.

Kia Quoris A Premium Sedan Overengineered


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