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Mercedes AMG 45 Anniversary

Mercedes AMG 45 Anniversary

Mercedes AMG, embodiment of the performance, celebrates its 45th anniversary and the leaders did intend to remain so. They have ambitious goals for the coming years.

It is now 45 years since these three letters, A, M and G, focuses and are internationally recognized in the field of automotive performance. The founders of AMG have keep in mind that they wanted to create and what is today their popularity continues to grow.

First stage: 300 SEL 6.8 AMG
First, the letters AMG mean Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach and or the name of the founders and the village of birth of Hans Werner Aufrecht. The first marked the letters AMG vehicle was a racing car. Recognized yet everywhere today, this 300 SEL 6.8 AMG has made its entry in the 24 hours of Spa in 1971 although surprising people. The brand however was actually created four years earlier, in 1967, by Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher.

In 1990 there was a first collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, from which was born the first car built jointly by Daimler-Benz AG, at this time, and Mercedes C 36 AMG. The year 1999 was an important date for the two men, because the integration of AMG is finally made with the Daimler Group. So was born the mark where the performance, sound, sensations, pleasure driving and the unique character are at the heart of the product. Since then, an impressive number of cars was released AMG workshops, but some will remain always engraved in the memories.

In 2009, the famous SLS AMG has emerged, the first signed car Mercedes-Benz and AMG. The SLS AMG has really been a pioneer car in the history of the company. Designed with a technology and advanced engineering, it represents innovation and embodies exactly what the founders had in mind, the performance. The S Class represents the flagship of AMG and the range will continue to expand, particularly with the new Mercedes SLS AMG WG. The G Class is a cult for the company car and expand with the arrival of the GL 63 AMG towards the end of the year.

Who would have thought that mark AMG, which uses powerful and polluting engines V8 would one day designed a zero emission car? It is the case with the next arrival of the SLS AMG E-CELL. The engineers wanted to demonstrate that a green car is not necessarily unpleasant and boring to drive. With its four electric motors and an intelligent all-wheel drive system, the SLS AMG E-CELL will be anything but boring. AMG means performance and will always continue to follow that vision. Black Series will also still remain top in AMG, even with the arrival of this impressive Mercedes SLS AMG WG.

Leaders continue still, after 45 years, progress and bring the AMG brand still further. The goal of the next years is very ambitious but not impossible as the said Ola Kallenius, President of Mercedes – AMG GmbH. The policy named “AMG Performance 50” is a goal to reach for their 50th anniversary, or in five years. The goal is to increase the production of 50%, nothing less, which would bring the number of 20,000 to 30,000 units. The announcement of eight new vehicles will certainly help this goal. AMG cars will expand from 22 to 30 models, including one that has surprised more than one. It will be the first compact, the A45 AMG, a first world for 2013.

Now, the letters AMG mean course performance cars with a driving dynamics and a unique design, but it is even more. AMG driving Academy is a must for all lovers of strong sensation who want to experience the most interesting. In 2011, 7000 people lived experience. In the near future, other Academies will emerge in several countries of the world. To still satisfy the requests of the customers, there are 270 AMG performance Centres, and this, in 24 countries. From 2007, this number increase to 350.

Sport all AMG (AMG Sports) is also available on several vehicles. This includes among other lightweight aluminum wheels, sport suspension and the addition of style for the body. Approximately 25% of all vehicles Mercedes-Benz its sold with this set. And of course, Mercedes-AMG is found also in racing, especially in formula 1.

Mercedes AMG 45 Anniversary


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