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Mercedes-Benz S Class 2013 Equipped Inflatable Beltbag

Mercedes-Benz S Class 2013 Equipped Inflatable Beltbag

Now Mercedes S Class 2013 series equipped with inflatable belts. These new belts will enable to give better distribute the pressure on the rib cage of the passenger during a frontal collision, thus reducing significantly the risk of serious injury.

Mercedes-Benz continues its initiative to improve safety for rear passengers” said Rodolfo Schoneburg, head of passive safety and the capabilities of the vehicle. After all, exceptional safety standards offered by Mercedes-Benz do apply not only to all models of the series, but also to all of its seats.

Technology, inaugurated by the American manufacturer KSS, and Ford is even available as an option for 2011 on the Ford Explorer in the United States. The manufacturer does not install the inflatable belts in front, as these passengers already enjoy bags, unlike those on the rear.

The system will reserved for rear passengers. The front occupants already protected by the frontal, side airbags and traditional curtains, the beltbag bring no benefit. In its release, Mercedes announced that the system was primarily developed for the Asian markets, but Europe should be served later.

The belt airbag, as most of the safety equipment on the Mercedes-Benz S Class series, could extend to run on other models in the range, starting with the Mercedes-Benz E Class and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Mercedes-Benz S Class 2013 Equipped Inflatable Beltbag


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