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Mercedes S Class 2013 Continues Testing

Mercedes S Class 2013

While BMW is currently working on the re-style of its 7 series, another flagship is about to land. The new generation of the New Mercedes S Class 2013 should arrive next year.

The German manufacturer had already announced that it will develop six models on the basis of the next generation of the S Class. Pending its official presentation, the road at the star continues its trials as prove this these spy pictures published by our colleagues from Carscoop.

In relation to the former spyshots we managed to recently, the test mule takes slightly less camouflage. With tarpaulins that are so we can see that the amendments will cover the ends of the car. More than a revolution, this Mercedes S Class should be an evolution of the current generation.

We should therefore see on this new version of the road style elements that are now visible on the new A Class, but also on the B Class. If the optics should take the form of those on the compact, the lines on the sides of the B Class should they be repeated on this S Class.

If the cabin should be slightly higher range than other models of the manufacturer, Mercedes should still resume inaugurated on the A Class and B Class elements and technologies. In contrast, the S Class Pullman models should be much better with inside because they are supposed to replace the Maybach.

For the moment there is no information on the range of engines but different gasoline and Diesel engines should be at the Rendez-vous.

With a mule to test who discovers little by little and with a marketing scheduled for next year, it is quite possible that Mercedes S Class be presented this year.

Mercedes S Class 2013 Mercedes S Class 2013

Mercedes S Class 2013 Mercedes S Class 2013 Mercedes S Class 2013

New Mercedes S Class 2013. images ©Carscoop

Mercedes S Class 2013 Continues Testing


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