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NAIAS 2013: Lexus IS New Concept

NAIAS 2013: Lexus IS New Concept

Lexus IS new concept at The North American Auto Show 2013. images courtesy ©AFP

It has often criticized Lexus design timid not to rejoice in this bold stroke. The LF-CC, the prototype exhibited at the Paris Motor Show 2012 was well herald a new line Lexus. But the huge grille had ramble press who believed without doubt, in its majority, such a bold stroke on a car marketed by the Japanese. And yet, there it is, with a strong affirmation of personality that is probably the unbridled LFA supercar. It has also reached its production limit, set at 500 copies, all sold at a staggering € 377,400.

They have all been pre-sold and three have even landed in Europe with highly enlightened amateurs. There to encourage risk-taking of the Lexus IS, there was not one, gleefully crossed on this brand new car this summer.

Outside lines largely innovate on a car by 7 cm for the entire benefit of the wheelbase, which will improve the measured habitability of the current model. The vast grid of grille to identify for sure a Lexus is framed by an independent daytime lighting L-shaped. Same nameplate at the rear with fires thin to conclude a stern as singular as the bow, even if it somewhat evokes the Alfa Romeo 156. For the Interior, driver-centric cockpit is inspired by the LFA that has definitely left traces to the driver’s seat redrawn to provide lateral support and a lowered seat. The new steering angle finally has a wider depth adjustment. Centre console opened for Lexus electrostatic commands to control the temperature of the air conditioning of a flick of the fingers.

NAIAS 2013: Lexus IS New Concept

Lexus IS interior concept at The North American Auto Show 2013. images courtesy ©AFP

If the chassis has been totally redesigned, it will resume the excellent suspension with double wishbones at the front and multi-link at the rear axle. It will benefit from V6 petrol engines 2.5 l and 3.5 l similar to the present IS where they issue 208 to 310 c. A hybrid version of the 2.5 l will also be available and promises a 2 ch/gram CO2 performance, less than 100 grams advertised, which establishes a power of more than 200 c.

The diesel versions will be part of the program, probably with the resumption of the current D in 150 and 177 c. 2.2 The new Lexus IS made his debut on the international scene on 15 January at NAIAS and should arrive before the summer in Europe. Prices are not yet known, but the current version ranges from € 32,600 to &euro 39,000.

NAIAS 2013: Lexus IS New Concept


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