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New 2013 Range Rover Details And Prices

New 2013 Range Rover Details And Prices

Here is new information of the new generation of 2013 Range Rover unveiled a few weeks ago and prices announced the rates in Britain, which ranged from £ 71,295 — £ 98,395, that will not prevent it to be one of the stars of the world of Paris Motor Show 2012.

In this changing world, the history of the Range Rover may seem quite unusual, if not offset. A story as there are only very few in the automotive universe and which proves that engineers were able to strike immediately, from the first test.

A long history of 42 years and who has known only three different generations. At the Paris Motor Show, the fourth of the name will be presented. The changes there, Range adapts itself, at the time. Technical revolution, but the souls of the luxury market is still intact.

Worldwide automotive market accused solid losses and saw sales fall seriously. Yet, in a context as ruthless, Land Rover is doing well. A wonder, even! The ILO is a true bestseller, factories turn to full and global in 2012 sales are up to 46%!

The Range Rover is the adventurer, the true. Not one who wears a beard for three days to play the Indiana Jones of junk, but that is not afraid to dive in Fords, overcome the rubles, or even to cross the desert. Its strength? There is no feel the give of the land! With him, everything is easy, obvious. Equally at ease in the improbable on undergrowth bitumen smooth beautiful avenues, it displays insolent versatility that makes it almost unique.

Aluminum structure
The Range Rover in Vroom, it has always loved: its formidable skills on and off roads, typically British, warm atmosphere and her inimitable look. But it was as a problem: absolutely disproportionate mass (2.6 tons!) which greatly interfered with the performance and more boring today, consumer. Land Rover took the bull by the horns and has used the major means. The backbone Range Rover, its structure will now be aluminum. The mass is in free fall: up to 420 kilograms of earned!

Begin by its dimensions: its 4,999 mm long (+ 49 mm compared to the previous generation), 1,983 mm wide (+ 50 mm) and 1,835 high-(42 mm) always make a huge SUV. Despite a more content weight is not less heavy: the needle of balance varies from 2160 kg to 2360 kg. The Cx, ranges from 0.34 to 0.36.

New 2013 Range Rover Details And Prices

The ecological part
History of breaking the image assimilating the large SUV to “big polluters”, the Range Rover provides great efforts for the planet: 85% of the vehicle are recyclable, TDV6 engine reduces emissions by 22%, half of the used aluminum from recycled sources and the energy used in its construction is drastically reduced.

Turn to the engines. There are 4 launch. Diesel, TDV6 3.0L (190 kW/258 horses, 600 Nm), and the TDV8 4.4L (250 kW/339 horses, 700 Nm); gasoline V8 5.0L (276 kW/375 horses, 510 Nm) and the same Supercharged (compressor, 375 kW/510 horses, 625 Nm), will constitute an offer which will be more strengthened by the arrival of a version hybrid diesel. These engines are associated with a ZF 8 speed automatic transmission.

For those who might have doubted the new Range remains a 4 x 4. Evidenced by its four 900 mm depth (+ 200 mm from the current), an angle of attack up to 34° 7, passage of 29° angle 6 and 28° departure angle 3. Note that the “Terrain Response” system automatically scans the ground to adapt its laws of functioning.

New 2013 Range Rover Details And Prices

A version hybrid!
The great news is the appearance of a hybrid version of diesel! Using the TDV6 as thermal engine, it promises a combined 338 horse power, consumption of 6.3L/100 km and 169 g/km CO2 emissions! Land Rover promises that no compromise impairs performance in any terrain, or functionality. The batteries are Lithium-ion.

A typed atmosphere!
In the passenger compartment, it is always as warm, delicious and luxurious. The Range Rover is met not Eyeful, but stretching the meaning, and charm. Three stereos are proposed, providing a sound power ranging up to 1700 Watts! Five seats or four, this is new, with exclusive rear seat. Leather Bridge Of Weir (the ultimate), noble essences of wood (from renewable sources), the materials are true and flattering.

New 2013 Range Rover Details And Prices


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