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New York Auto Show 2012: Acura RLX Concept NSX Inside

Acura RLX Concept

Acura is the declination luxury of Honda in the United States. The model is actually called RL Honda Legend finish a more upscale, Honda has announced its renewal at the New York Auto Show, called Acura RLX.

The large family sedan segment regenerates quickly enough, Honda/Acura is not immune to wipe. To replace it is RL, here are the Acura RLX Concept which will be marketed in version series, thus without its 20″ RIMS by early next year. This new version has a slightly more generous than the previous wheelbase without that this reflects its overall length.

The “Keen Edge” style is applied as on other already renewed models but the more interesting on this model is finally learn that it will adopt the Hybrid SH – AWD Sport, or intelligent integral transmission which will be all salt of the next NSX. Powertrain DF a new V6 3.5 L VTEC to 3 electric equivalents, all associated with a double clutch transmission 7 reports. The power will be greater than 370 ch for consumption less than 7.8 L per 100 km. Acura spoke a version of basic (traction) of 310 HP still!

The hope in Acura is certainly sell a little more than previous generations. Nice promotional film in any case.

Acura RLX Concept Acura RLX Concept Acura RLX Concept

New York Auto Show 2012 Acura RLX Concept with bits of Future NSX inside

New York Auto Show 2012: Acura RLX Concept NSX Inside


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