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Nissan Note Is The Aura of The Next Versa

2013 Nissan Note Is The Aura of The Next Versa

Presented on Monday in Yokohama, the new 2013 Nissan Note embodies a new design with the key in the door, this elusive grille and its highly beveled lighthouses. It profile is not unlike of the Ford Fiesta. This model, developed in the Japan by this fall and in Europe next year.

It may has two interests: a motor 3 cylinder direct injection and the system of assistance to the conduct by cameras “Around View Monitor“. Equipment that some are surprised to find on a car of this template.

The true value for consumers, lies in its body. The next Versa Hatchback will be inspired by these lines. The Note and the future Versa based on the same platform. The parallel stop there. The Nissan Versa will be adapted to its North American and Brazilian markets.

Second partition to Nissan Note who abandons the concept of small minivan for a versatile city car. In a less provocative Nissan Juke dimensions.

The outline of the future Nissan Note at the last Geneva Motor Show as a concept car Invitation. It already gave the dimensions of Nissan Note with a length that passes to 4.15 m against 4.08 m for the first partition, 1.74 m wide against 1.69 m only for the current Note and a height of 1.47 m against 1.55 m, the new Note is longer, wider and less high.

Its also the sides of the Nissan Juke, this funny urban crossover selling like hotcakes. The new Nissan Note away permanently of the universe of the monospace to enter in the sedan. A true multi purpose sedan at the top of the segment (b), of the urban. Consider, by comparison, the new Renault Clio, already a big car while its 4.05 m only.

A change dictated by the market
Despite 940,000 sales of the first generation in the world since 2005, the public is more licensee of these small vans to the dimensions myopic. And despite an interesting internal modularity but without a real chest worthy of the name. In addition to a close a utility design.

In short, Nissan drew the consequences and definitively even for Europe, the minivans of its catalog for the benefit of crossover as the Nissan Juke. Also for this reason that future Nissan Note will more share its platform with the current Renault Modus, which that is the Clio. Indeed, this Nissan Note will be marketed based on the recent platform V, also the Nissan Micra.

The engines of the Nissan Micra on side engine, you will find the 3 cylinder 1.2L gasoline of 80 horses and 98 horses with gasoline direct injection. There are also 4 cylinder 1.5L gasoline 102 c. However, it is not intended for the Japan of Diesel engine, which does not exclude the arrival for the European market of the 1.5 dCi in ch or 110 c. 95 Conversely, the Japan had right to a permanent motor ATV version, while the European market is not applicant.

Finally, side style, it does not regret this change of strategy on the dimensions of the new Note that now adopts more sharp, more slender and well most gated lines. Finally, note that, also renovated in the Japan, the Nissan Note remains faithful to the more classic style of the current version.

Nissan Note Is The Aura of The Next Versa


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