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Overfeeding Widespread in Porsche

Porsche Turbo

The name Porsche Turbo Will it lose its exclusivity in the future? This is the path that seems to take on a Porsche technician.

Currently reserved for Turbo models, overeating will apparently be generalized it considerably on future models of the Stuttgart brand. This is an anonymous technician Porsche Autovisie told that the future of Porsche will go through downsizing and turbocharging generalized on all (or almost) models.

The turbos are solely dedicated to improving performance and are used in high-end models. But the combination of small engine and supercharger is a great way to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Due these two factors, we propose turbo engines in models beneath the high end.

It should probably expect the medium to long term to find models outside the range supercharged turbo, like the Boxster and the Cayman for example, where it may well be that the flat-six engine gives way to a four cylinders “a four-cylinder boxer turbo is possible. But first, the name 911 Turbo will be reserved only for high-performance models.

Four cylinders, supercharging on a larger number of models, and why not finish the Porsche Panamera hybrid, for sure, Porsche Change is well underway.

Overfeeding Widespread in Porsche


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