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Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen Golf 7 First Impressions

Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen Golf 7 First Impressions

The Volkswagen Golf 7, whether through presentation of the model or our article on the new MQB platform that serves as base. The world is an opportunity to deliver first impressions on this very important model for the French market but also at European level.

From the point of view of style, the golf course plays continuity to not confuse a clientele of regulars. It might even seem a certain regression in the sight of the pillar, reminiscent of the fourth generation, launched in 1998. However, the Volkswagen Golf has never been as wide (1.80 m), giving it a unique base. Its all solid sum volume contrasts with the accuracy of details and the net trace the contours and lines of care.

You will acquire a Golf 7 but you find the look a bit wise and you do not intend to wait or to wear your choice on a Volkswagen Golf GTD, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Volkswagen Golf R, or even Volkswagen Golf R-Line for various reasons. Volkswagen has thought of you offers the customer a Style Pack that gives a little bit of sportiness and aggressiveness to the new version of the compact VW.

Inside also, there are the fundamentals of the Volkswagen Group, with a clear instrument panel, center console slightly turned towards the driver. Ergonomics seems well thought, to be confirmed during our first test of the compact wolfsburgeoise, planned for mid-October. A number of facilities are appearing, in the image of the adaptive cruise control which sensor fits in the bottom grid.

Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen Golf 7 First Impressions

Although slight growth, the Volkswagen Golf 7 remains one of shorter segment, with only 4.26 m long. However, this compactness does not alter the livability, which shows more than honorable. Similarly, the trunk became sufficiently habitable for the segment.

This Style Pack consists of a base of spoiler before stronger lower body, a small rear spoiler that can be associated with a sport muffler and a spoiler.

This kit can be used with different types of alloy wheels (16-17 inches) that end all. This Style pack should be offered very quickly to customer. A find in concession in the coming weeks.

Alongside traditional versions of the Golf, Volkswagen presents to the world the GTI and BlueMotion, versions as a concept car. The appellation is however usurped: one as the other are indeed presented in several colors, in three or five doors. Their marketing seems imminent, identical models unveiled in Paris.

Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen Golf 7 First Impressions


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