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Porsche Cayenne GTS 2013

Porsche Cayenne GTS 2013

There was the large utility of Porsche in the GTS range for the 2013 model. And it is at the Beijing Motor Show that management has presented its last livery of the Cayenne. He comes to insert between the version S and Turbo. A bit like the 911, the Porsche Cayenne GTS 2013 offers more character than the version S but is less aggressive than the Turbo version.

Under its hood houses the V8 4.2L keeps the same properties, but with a 20 additional horses. Therefore, its total power climbs to 420 and allows this monster that is approximately 2 tons to reach a top speed of 260 km/h and to reach this limit, the Porsche Cayenne GTS can do 0-100 in less than 5.7 seconds. All not bad for a utility of this size.

What surprised the most, it is consumption. Porsche engineers worked well in this chapter. This beast displays a combined consumption of 10.7 l/100. Of course, should remain polite with the accelerator if this rating climbs at the speed of lightning. Its chassis is more rigid and lowered 24 mm, extended passages of wheels and a spoiler is added to the back. We do not have the price for now, but it should be here somewhere by the fall.

Porsche Cayenne GTS 2013


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