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Porsche Macan The First Idea of The Small Compact SUV

Porsche Macan

If the final version of the Porsche Macan, it merely for the moment a few copies of cryptic mules. Or this virtual, fairly realistic rendering while waiting for the final result.

For those who are still wondering what may look like a signed Porsche compact SUV, in the template of an Audi Q5 (which it will resume the platform), this is a fairly close idea of what to expect at year end.

The large disposal of Porsche in most popular segments will thus begin with Macan, perfect illustration of industrial synergies of the Volkswagen Group. This technical clone of the Q5 should still have elements of links on the ground and specific wheelchair trains, but the basis is known. Mechanical level including, with 4 cylinder 2L TFSI (expected to approximately 220 ch on the Porsche Macan) entry, and the S4 and S5 TFSI V6 in top of range (333 ch in Audi).

Overall, the spirit of the great brother Porsche Cayenne will be maintained. In cutting this illustration with the surprised pictures, look to this same gently boosted profile of SUV. Still a few months for is ex-4: or worry, it is. The world of Paris could see its first public appearance, at the end of September. images courtesy ©Autobild/

Porsche Macan The First Idea of The Small Compact SUV


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