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Renault Clio 4 2012 The New Engine 0.9 L TCe

Renault Clio 4 2012

Renault Clio 4 2012 The New Engine 0.9 L TCe. Start & Stop system and recovery of energy in braking, the future of Renault Clio 4 0.9 L TCe should provide a reduction in emissions of CO2 from 30 to 40 g/km. This small three-cylinder 90 ch block will equip the future Renault Clio 4 2012 in October.

Renault continues to push the limits of the downsizing with the future 0.9 L TCe of 90 c. presented in Geneva, the last of the new generation of engines of the Diamond brand arises as a model of sobriety.

Indeed, this three-cylinder block turbo direct injection should result in a significant decline in consumption, which is 5 l/100 km for the 1.2 TCe.

According to the French constructor, it should also allow a reduction of the CO2 emissions by 30 to 40 g/km against the current standards. These encrypted benefits are to the Start & Stop technology and recovery credit of deceleration and braking energy.

The 0.9 L TCe of Renault to lead it first cry under the hood of the future Clio 4 in October 2012.

Renault Clio 4 2012 The New Engine 0.9 L TCe


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