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Mercedes X Class 2018 Concept Cars Mercedes Benz 

Renault Genes On Mercedes X Class 2018

Mercedes is preparing to mount its high-end S Class to a higher level, to compensate partly the disappearance of the Maybach flagship, the range of the manufacturer to the star should also in the coming years to expand down. Maybe not in terms of quality, which will of course always want premium, but at least in terms of template with a new template, the smallest ever produced by the mark.

For the time being nicknamed X Class, this future city car smaller than an A Class, will come tracing on the template of a Renault Clio. And for good reason, since it should resume the chassis.

It would be a novel application of the Renault-Nissan partnership has already led to find a block of the diamond under the hood of the A Class (A180 CDI), and which could also in the other sense lead to a French luxury sedan on the chassis of the class e today aborted project.

Side engines, it is rumored that the future class X could ship small blocks as a three-cylinder 1.0 L or a four cylinder 1.5 L. Chapter Award, we already put on a range starting around €20,000, is the niche occupied by the Audi A1 for example. On the other hand will need to be patient, such a model is not expected before 2018!

Renault Genes On Mercedes X Class 2018


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